Grasshopper – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Animal symbolism is there to teach us more about life in general and about ourselves. Animal behavior might be much simpler than ours, but we are still all in sync with nature and we all come from it. Learning more about spirit animals and totems can show us hidden segments of our character.

Grasshoppers are insects we can find in almost all parts of the world. They are extremely resilient creatures that can withstand difficult living conditions and overcome almost everything that gets thrown in front of them. Grasshoppers are not interesting from a biological point of view, because their significance in a symbolic way is very interesting too.

Grasshopper symbolism was constructed by a very wide variety of cultures in the world, which is why their symbolism can be different from one culture to another. In this text, we will be talking more about grasshopper’s hidden symbolic meaning and how we can apply it to our lives.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems teach us about our characters, because there are certainly some hidden aspects of our personality we don’t know about. Many ancient cultures believed in the strong connection between humans and animals, and they derived their strengths from this connection. Spirit animals lead us through life and they represent our life’s philosophy, while totem animals show us our character and the way we truly are inside.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, grasshopper is best described by these words:

  • Motivation
  • Longevity
  • Karma
  • Intuition
  • Instinct
  • Inner voice
  • Gossip
  • Good omen
  • Fearlessness
  • Fertility
  • Optimism

It is easy to imagine a person from your surroundings with this kind of personality, based on these traits. Maybe you have even found your own character in these words and you can identify with many of these characteristics. People guided by the grasshopper spirit animal are very patient people, intelligent and kind above all. They are not too pushy in life and everything they have was properly earned. They never rely on others to get the job done, because they enjoy working hard and seeing the fruits of their labor.

One of the best traits of a person guided by the grasshopper spirit animal is their patience. You are not someone who is going to jump after the first opportunity. You are prepared to wait for something better to come along, even if others think you are crazy. The power of your intuition is so strong that you can almost sense that something better is going to appear and you are going to seize that opportunity instead of this one.

Others see you as a kind person but also as someone with many layers. As people get to know you better they notice others segments of your personality and how complicated you actually are. This makes you a very interesting person to be around with, and you usually have many friends but only few who know you the best.

People guided by this spirit animal are also very intuitive and their instincts are almost always right. There is nothing they can’t predict, because they can understand things much better than others and see the way they are going to develop.

This spirit animal also makes you very motivated and progressive person, who is always prepared to push even harder and stronger towards your goals. It is not that you are prepared to go through a wall to make something happen, but you will surely continue to invest your efforts until the moment you realize that there is no hope.

You are also a very open minded person who is not afraid of anything. You are open to suggestions and you can easily adapt to new surroundings without a problem. Because of this, you can try almost every career and be successful at it without a problem. People love you because you are always optimistic and motivating, which is why they are always asking for your help when they are having some trouble in life.


As a totem animal, grasshopper symbolizes a personality that is optimistic with a lot under its sleeve. You are very capable and others envy you on that very much, somehow you always end up being better than everybody else, even though you are not trying at all. This doesn’t make you overly confident or cocky around others, instead you are a very kind and genuine person.

Your intuition is always on point which is why others often seek your help and advice. As a negative characteristic, you tend to be a little bit gossipy and you sometimes say things you weren’t supposed to say. You are also someone who loves commenting on things that are happening around, which some might find troubling especially if you are too honest about someone’s behavior and they find out about your comments.

Symbolism and Meaning

Grasshopper has a very strong symbolic meaning, which was not only present today but was also very important throughout the past. First images of this insect date back hundreds of years. A very interesting phenomenon related to grasshoppers has occurred several times throughout history and that is grasshopper epidemic or grasshopper pervasive plagues. Ancient Egyptians were one of the first cultures to paint or draw grasshoppers in caves, and these drawings date back almost 3 thousand years.

In the Book of Exodus in Egypt, around 1300BC, a plague of grasshoppers almost destroyed entire cities. In the Iliad, there is a mentioning of grasshoppers escaping from the fire that was used to kill them, by flying away. Plague of grasshoppers can be found in Quran as well. They are mentioned around ninth century BC in China, where there were even grasshopper authorities who were appointed to fight against them.

Besides being a constant problem for the human kind, grasshoppers have their positive traits which can be used as positive examples for people. They are symbols of hard work, dedication, optimism and thinking forward. They are also regular symbols in art and culture, and many artists used them as their motifs, exactly because of their rich symbolic meaning. In popular culture, grasshoppers are still relevant symbols of the above mentioned symbolic meanings.

In movies, we can often see grasshoppers as symbols even though their significance was much greater in the past. Reason behind this was a much stronger bond with religion and the influence the Bible had on the overall grasshopper symbolic meaning. In the movie beginning of the End, we see a large grasshopper attack on Chicago, which announces the beginning of the end for people. In Pixar’s movie A Bug’s Life, the leading roles belong to the ants, while grasshoppers are portrayed as the enemies. Influence of the Bible and the way grasshoppers were portrayed in the past is still present, but as times change, the image about grasshoppers begins to change with it. Perhaps they are going to be seen as positive characters in recent future, and that is something we have yet to see.

Dreams about Grasshoppers

Dreams about grasshoppers can have both positive and negative symbolic meanings. This depends on the other symbols we have dread about and also depends on our feelings in a dream.

Seeing a grasshopper – Seeing a grasshopper in your dream means you have something important to finish. This task is something you need to take care of as soon as possible, if you want to see significant improvement in your career or personal life.

Grasshopper in the grass – If you saw a grasshopper in the grass, then you are currently experiencing a passionate romance with someone. This is also a favorable sign for your love life in general.

Grasshopper dying – This dream is a negative sign and you need to take better care of your health. Visit your doctor or take better care of the health issue you already know about.

Grasshopper glowing in sunlight – This dream is a positive symbol and it represents your problems. They are going to be solved without any harm, and you can finally sleep still because things are about to fall into their place.


Relationship between humans and grasshoppers wasn’t ideal, but there are still many positive things we can learn from their behavior. These small creatures are highly determined and hardworking, and everyone influenced by this spirit animal has a good chance of achieving the goals in front of him.

Animals and nature in general can teach us so many valuable things from which we have distanced ourselves. Finding symbolic meaning in the life and beings that exist around us is what we should do more often, because all of the answers are there to be found.

Animal symbolism is there to teach us more about life in general and about ourselves. Animal behavior might be much simpler than ours, but we are still all in sync with nature and we all come from it. Learning more about spirit animals and totems can show us hidden segments of our character. Perhaps they are going to be seen as positive characters in recent future, and that is something we have yet to see.