Hummingbird – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Animal symbolism and meaning provides us with a great range of different information about animals and nature itself. Sometimes we overlook the importance of nature and being surrounded by the things that created us as well.

In the past, people relied on nature much more than they do now and we all took fruits and other benefits from nature in order to survive. Animals were there as our helpers, source of life and also as a threat. Even though people haven’t developed the same closeness to all animals, they are still an important part of our life and we need to cherish them.

Animal symbolism consists largely from stories and myths about animals that survived until today. In the past when people didn’t have clear idea what was going on around them, the only way they could explain the happenings around them is by signing it off to gods and divine creators. Animals were especially interesting to humans because animals had the abilities and powers that humans didn’t. They had thick fur coats and abilities to jump high or run really fast, while humans relied mostly on hiding for their life.

In order to gain the powers that animals had and humans didn’t, people started praying to animals and wishing for gifts they have to help them go through life. This is when totem animals and spirit animals were created, because people needed something they can rely on besides themselves and nature around them. Learning more about your spirit animal and totem is going to help you learn more about yourself and flaws you might have.

In today’s text we will talk more about the symbolism of a hummingbird and what it represents to us. These small birds might be small in size but their symbolic value is impressive, so if you ever wanted to learn more about it, here is your chance.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems are there to give us a clear picture of our character and the way we actually are. Sometimes we are no aware of our best qualities or our flaws, which is why it is always interesting to learn more about your totem or spirit animal. Totem animals are determined by your birth date, and they are something that describes you truly as a person. All of your traits and flaws are gathered in one simple animal that has all the same characteristics as you do. When it gets hard, you can always rely on your totem animal to send you strength and power to move on.

Spirit animal is determined by your own experiences, since spirit animals are often around us. Somehow everywhere we go there is our spirit animal and we can almost feel that strange connection between us and that animal.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, hummingbird is best described with these words:

  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Life
  • Healing
  • Ability
  • Aggression
  • Love
  • Miracles
  • Rhythm
  • Ecstasy

People who are guided by the hummingbird spirit animal are in love with life and there is nothing that can mess up their vibe. They are fun and loving people who are always there when you need them and their presence is something that are going to make your day much more positive and happier. When their friends are down or in danger, these people are prepared to leave everything and come to rescue. This is why many consider them to be the best friends a person can have in life.

They are also people who easily go from one mood to another. When something doesn’t go according to plan, they tend to become depressed and nobody can help them in those moments. It is funny to see how they are always the ones who help others and help them out of depression, but when they are down it is best to leave them collect their thoughts and calm down.

People guided by the hummingbird spirit animal are also very able, and there is nothing they can’t do with their hands. They are going to be successful in almost every area of work and they are highly driven by their ambition. Hummingbirds also symbolize love and people guided by this spirit animal are always in love with something or someone. Even when their plans don’t work out and they are left alone by their partners, they don’t give up on hope and are always ready to love again.

Hummingbird people are guided by the positive energy of this small animal and there is nothing that can rain on their positivity. Even when they are in the worst mood this is not something that lasts for too long, since there is much more to be happy about in life than to be sad.


As a totem animal, hummingbird represents a personality that is bright, positive optimistic and always ready for adventure. People who are born under the hummingbird totem are ready to take the opportunity and make a change in their lives whenever. There is nothing holding them back and their motivation is something that keeps them going. When you see this person, you will easily recognize it because it always has a smile on the face, it is always happy to join you for every activity and spend a day to be remembered with you.

If your totem animal is the hummingbird, then you are very persistent and detailed in your work. When you give them an assignment they are going to give 100% effort into making it perfect. This is simply how they are programmed to work and they don’t accept anything less than perfect. Hummingbird totem symbolizes family and close relationships with family members. Everyone who is born under the hummingbird totem is always close to its family and they rarely move too far away from them.

Hummingbirds as totems also represent a person who is generous and caring, who is always ready to give up on something to make the other person happy. They are one of the best people that you can have for a friend, since they are going to be with you anytime you need them.

As a negative side some might notice their active energy that can sometimes grow into aggression, especially if the things don’t go as planned. But this is something that easily passes and soon they are back to their old selves.

Symbolism and Meaning

Hummingbirds may be one of the smallest birds in the world, but the symbolism attributed to this lovely creature is extremely rich, and includes terms such as beauty, peace, love, happiness and inexhaustible energy.

Many consider it a spectacular bird that has the power to awaken in that elderly man that dormant, long-forgotten child and to look at life with eyes full of optimism and cheerfulness. In other words, the hummingbird invites us to “suck up” the nectar of Life with all our senses, and learn to enjoy from the morning to the dark every new day, just as if that day was conceived only for us.

Hummingbirds live exclusively in America, so we can only rely on their tradition that sees this immortality in this bird, but it is also considered a symbol of courage. If this trait does not exactly go with one of such a tiny creature, we will remind you that small huts from the southern parts of the Americas, during the cold days, are almost 2000 km long to the north parts of South America. You will agree that this is a picture of incredible persistence, endurance and consistency that some people can only dream of.

The Hummingbirds constantly reminds us how important it is to keep the goal set, and how important it is to keep up with your dreams. Every time you feel that you lack the will or strength to face a challenge, remember with how much joy and joy a small hibiscus approach to every new flower, aware of the fact that it is in the hiding itself a nectar that will help him to come to a new day. One such powerful picture will be enough to encourage you to achieve even a seemingly impossible mission!

Often it can be heard that the Hummingbirds is a bird that opens the heart. Remarkably known as a bird that has all possible colors on it (which overflow and thus reminds of the debt), the colibri really belongs to the order of symbols that invite joy, joy, fulfillment of the most desired desires. Together with them, we learn that beauty is everywhere around us, and that the most beautiful things are often the ones that are the least, not so visible, or inconspicuous.

Hummingbirds associates with laughter, stimulates creativity, puts emphasis on the enjoyment of each type. Whether it’s taste, smell, touch – this little bird reminds us that we are created to enjoy all of this here and now, to take advantage of the moment, to feel that we are really alive. Because, although the hummingbird is a food that is constantly searching for food (because of its rapid metabolism, it sometimes arrives to process 1000 flowers a day!), This bird actually tells us that the sweetest nectar is hidden in us, and that we always need it generously share with your loved ones!

In the end, we must not forget the so-called “healing” aspect of our story of colibrium. Namely, we mentioned that, among other things, this small bird is a powerful symbol of endurance. Believe it or not, the hummingbird has a very high frequency of wing swings (up to 80 swings per second) Allowing it to fly aside and backward, and can remain in the air for a long time in one place. Therefore, his wings have always signified immortality, durability, continuity, eternity.

Although this bird seems to be tireless, the truth is that she knows very well that she controls not only her movements, but also all her favorite activities. If we add to this the fact that their frequency of heart rate drastically decreases during sleep, then the message that the hummingbird transmits to man is quite clear, which reads: holiday is as important as everyday fun. The greatest fun is right in you, listening well to your most coveted desires, letting them get to the surface, making wise use of everything your life gives you, and make sure you always keep the optimism of the hummingbird.

Dreams about Hummingbirds

Dreams about hummingbirds can have both positive and negative meanings. Sometimes these small birds are telling us that something good is about to happen, and other times it is there to warn us about the potential problems in our life that might be lurking.

Seeing a Hummingbird – If you saw a hummingbird in your dream, this means you are ready to go out and make a chance in the world without being afraid of anything. This dream is also telling you that there will be a lot of new opportunities for you to explore.

Flying hummingbird – IF the hummingbird in your dream was flying, this means you are going to be travelling somewhere where you always wanted to go. This dream is telling you that there is a great adventure waiting for you and you need to seize this opportunity and explore what is being offered to you.

Dead hummingbird – This dream is a symbol of lost opportunities and lost friends. When you have this dream, it means you are feeling sad because of situation you are currently in and how things turned out between you and someone close to you. This dream can also indicate that your professional life won’t be very successful and how things might be bad for a while.

Several hummingbirds – When you had a dream about several hummingbirds, this means you are feeling the sudden injection of energy in life and you are ready to make a new change. This dream is telling you to seize this opportunity and start making changes in your life that can potentially transform your life completely.

Baby hummingbird – Dreams about baby hummingbirds are symbols of your maternal desire or desire to form a family. This dream is telling you to make this dream a reality as soon as possible because you are now feeling ready to take it to the next step with your partner.


Animals were especially interesting to humans because animals had the abilities and powers that humans didn’t. They had thick fur coats and abilities to jump high or run really fast, while humans relied mostly on hiding for their life. Hummingbird is a symbol of love, energy, action and perseverance. This small bird is a great example and we should all look up to it and make our lives more meaningful.

Hummingbirds are birds, but their significance in symbolic way is extraordinary. These small birds are perfect examples how our size doesn’t matter and how we can all make the change in life we desperately crave for. All we have to do is to believe in ourselves and take the necessary steps without being afraid. Everyone who is born under the hummingbird totem or spirit animal is kind, generous and loving and the best friend you are ever going to have in someone. These small creatures are truly amazing, both appearance-vise and when it comes to their symbolic value.