Husband With Another Woman – Dream Interpretation and Meaning

For each married woman, the husband plays a major role in life: he was and is, at best, the love of life, the person with whom a woman shares everything. Together we go through happy but also hard times. There are great emotions associated with one’s husband, which are processed not only consciously but also unconsciously. For this reason, it is not uncommon for women to dream of their husband. But even unmarried women can see each other in the dream on the side of a spouse.

But what do these dreams say? What is the dream symbol “husband” to interpret?

Dream symbol “husband” – The general interpretation

Basically, for dreams of your own husband that the perceived in the dream feeling is of great importance. If the relationship in the dream is perceived as harmonious and the husband behaves friendly, is in a good mood and healthy, this symbolizes a working marriage: In real life, the dreaming understands herself well with her husband. There is little dispute and no major problems in living together.

According to the general interpretation of dreams, these dreams also announce that harmony will continue and the state will not change in the future. The opposite is true when the dream is dominated by negative emotions, so those affected feel sorrow, grief or fear. In this case, the dream is an indication that marriage is overshadowed in real life by problems and disharmony.

However, those who do not see their own man by his side in the dream, but that of another woman, should take this as a warning: The affected person is very dissatisfied with their current situation, may not love their own partner or suffers from any other reason Marriage. In addition, there is a risk that this dissatisfaction could possibly continue for a long time.

Also negative are dreams in which one’s own husband is seen sick or even dead. According to the general interpretation, this situation is interpreted as an indication of the husband’s bad and unfair treatment of the wife, or he may even cheat on her or deceive her. The same applies if the husband in the dream loves another woman: There is a risk that he could become tired in the real life of the marriage and the dreaming may leave.

It may also happen that women who are single in real life dream of being married. These dreams are to show those affected, as far as they are not interesting enough for men in everyday life and therefore receives little attention from the opposite sex.

The dream symbol widow / widower points out that the dreaming in the awake life should conclude with a matter from his past.

Dream symbol “husband” – The psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of the husband as a dream symbol is often an indication that the dreaming in real life feels lonely, longing for more socializing and togetherness. She may often feel left alone (with her problems and worries).

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In addition, if the person is married in real life, dreams of the husband can also be seen as a symbol of the whole family life: the husband represents in this case the family of the dreaming. Subconsciously, she has realized that she should take more care of this area of ​​life.

Dream Symbol “Husband” – The Spiritual Interpretation

The husband, according to the spiritual conception, is the complement to perfection, because only together can man and woman form a spiritual unity.

Dream sbout husband leaving me for another woman means that a person deliberately sets false facts in order to derive beneficial benefits for themselves. So she deceives another person in the full consciousness to deceive and harm her. However, this does not happen exclusively on the material level. Being emotionally cheated is often far worse and harder to deal with than the loss of money or things of material value. A typical example of being cheated in a partnership is the so-called cure shadow during a rehab procedure.

Dream symbol “to be cheated” – The general interpretation

The dream image “being cheated” can appear in our dreams in very different ways. Very often in this context are dreams in which one is betrayed by one’s own partner, so he goes alien and deceives us.

But you should not understand this dream as a prophecy that is true in real life. Of course, it can also be a real parallel, if you are perhaps even in such a partnership problem or you notice clear signals to the partner. This can certainly be reflected in the dream life.

However, in most cases you should not use the dream symbol “cheated” as an opportunity to secretly search your partner’s cell phone for suspicious messages, because most of the time there are fears and uncertainties behind this dream. One fears in turn, perhaps not attractive and attractive for the partner to be and creates itself already fraud scenarios in his imagination.

If the dreaming himself is the person who is cheating, there may be feelings of guilt towards the partner behind it. However, these feelings of guilt need not have anything to do with the actual relationship, but they are “cheated” in the form of the dream symbol.

If one is betrayed in the dream life with the play, one wishes secretly, to take revenge on a person, who hurt us once even. If you catch the cheater, then this revenge will succeed. If you are betrayed by a woman, you can hope for a love adventure and you will be unmasked even when cheating, you can soon be happy about positive financial news.

Dream symbol “to be cheated” – The psychological interpretation

In addition to the general interpretation of dreams, the psychological interpretation of the dream symbol “betrayed” illuminated again from another perspective.

When it comes to cheating in the dream, the dreaming himself should even ask himself the question, if he does not even deceive himself. This can happen in very different ways and may not even be fully aware of it.

Often, in life, you experience situations in which one speaks facts more beautifully than they really are. Either one fears to face the truth or does not venture out of uncertainty to openly question the situation.

Even false hopes or expectations can be “betrayed” behind the dream symbol. The dreaming should try to strengthen his confidence and not always credulous trust, because here he quickly runs the risk of being considered naive. This, in turn, can lead to disrespectful behavior by others and then to actually be cheated and betrayed.

Dream symbol “cheated” – The spiritual interpretation

From the spiritual point of view of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “being cheated” serves as an indication to check one’s spiritual goals for their coherence and then to remain faithful to them, for spiritual self-deception represents the greatest danger of spiritual development.

When you are in a committed relationship with a person, there is probably nothing worse than being cheated on by him. Infidelity is a gross breach of trust within a partnership and is one of the main reasons for separation. Nobody is immune from a misstep.

However, how to handle it afterwards is ultimately up to you. Does he deny the partner the misstep and thus risk the relationship? Or does he rather cover the mantle of silence over the slip-up and live with it with his conscience?

Being betrayed by the partner or cheating on the partner is also a situation that can occur in our dream world. Nevertheless, one should not immediately panic, but first of all read what the dream interpretation has to say about this dream situation.

Dream Symbol “Partner cheated” – The general interpretation

In fact, dreams of betrayal by the partner are very common. Most such dream situations leave very unpleasant feelings with the dreaming and often also the question, if the dream of the infidelity of the partner really has something to it.

The general dream interpretation can calm down here first, because the dream symbol “partner cheated” is not to be understood in most cases as a bad foreshadowing. Rather, in dream situations like these, often only the thoughts of the dreaming person are formed, which makes them the existing partnership. Perhaps there has been a recent crisis in the relationship, and one questions whether and how things can continue together in the future.

To dream that one is betrayed by the partner, but can also show the fears of the dreaming. He may be afraid that he will no longer be able to satisfy the other, doubts his own attractiveness, and therefore worries that the partner might actually betray him or even leave him.

Another reason why one has to experience in a dream that one is cheated by the partner, is often in an existing jealousy of the dreaming person. Surely the dream interpretation can not interpret this as justified or groundless.

However, the dream symbol “partner betrayed” in this context can be a good impulse to track down these feelings. Is jealousy really based on facts and facts or is it just a fear of being abandoned?

Dream symbol “partner cheated” – The psychological interpretation

It can also be the case that even in the dream, one is the one who cheated on the partner. It is possible that one has actually deceived the other in real life and is now being pursued by the guilty conscience into the dream world.

Another reason, according to the psychological interpretation of dream interpretation, is simply a desire for change. The dreaming may long long for something more momentum in the partnership. This may be particularly related to the couple’s sexuality, which may have lost in the course of time in passion and experimentation.

If one has betrayed the partner in the dream, there are perhaps already very exact fantasies in the head of the dreaming. He would like to try these with his partner, but he did not dare to express these wishes.

Therefore, one should understand the dream image “partner cheated” calm as an indication to entrust his / her lover’s secret passions and thus help the common intimate life back to more liveliness.

Dream Symbol “Partner cheated” – The spiritual interpretation

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For the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dream image “cheated on partner” is like an invitation to the dreaming to remain true to oneself and one’s values.