Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

It is often said that the picture is worth more than a word, that the symbol contains the wealth of subtle meanings. The image and the symbol in us are causing different spheres, associations, sometimes deep emotional reactions. It is a powerful tool with which we can learn something more about ourselves. One of the legends about tarot cards says that they were created precisely in order to hide their knowledge in their symbols. During the Middle Ages, when superstition prevailed and knowledge was considered dangerous, wise and learned people came to remember how to hide precious life knowledge in symbols.

Tarot cards on a symbolic level describe life and its diverse energies, life situations, feelings and fears. They appear in different shapes, colors and look different. The charts are numbered, allowing us to calculate your life map.

We call the Tarot 78 deck with which the so- masters of tarot are used to predict human fate. The true origin of the tarot has never been established, so there are a whole range of theories about it. One of them is that the tickets have been brought by the Roma from a trip to India at a time when Egypt considered the source of absolute knowledge.

There is also the belief that the tarot was named under the Egyptian goddess Taureti, the protector of birth. It is often thought that the tarot origin is derived from Kabbalah, the source of the esoteric wisdom of the Jews. The Tarot used today is from the 17th century, although the motifs on the maps are much older. We distinguish several types of decks, and today they are mostly used more modern, adapted to modern man.

For easier navigation in the world of tarot you need to start with a basic, classic tile card to learn the basics of the alphabet of prophesying fate. What is important for choosing a deck is that it must have all the basic symbols. To help clarify the strength of classical symbols and the importance of their meaning, a wizard’s card is used. In recent caves you can see a man, a man, a young man, or an old man standing in pointing to something.

The Judgment Tarot Card Meaning

Compared to the Tarot Card of the XIX Sun, the tarot card of the Great Arcane XX The final court is a step further towards self-realization. At this level, all four psyche functions (intuition, feeling, thinking, and sensation) are matched in optimal proportions for quality spiritual, mental and physical life. Not as a general commitment to the natural and the good as described in the Sun map, but to a completely new, higher level of consciousness.

Such a higher consciousness does not make man a divinity, but a better human being, which has integrated all his irrational and rational functions of psyche (intuition and feeling) with his self. The Tarot card of the Sun is just giving us a sign of its existence until the Last Court opens the door and offers light. Of course there is a choice here – whether we are going to walk into something new or we will still stay in the dark.

Key Meaning of Tarot Cards

Making a concrete decision, taking the ultimate step, the energy that pushes us forward, the birth, liberation, reconciliation, redemption, transformation, recognition of our true calling, improvement, promotion, freedom, ceremonies, release of old mistakes, more intelligence, self-analysis.

Message and Interpretation of Tarot Cards

According to Karmic law, each of us is being judged after death for our offenses and offenses we have committed on earth. This tarot card symbolizes the rewards and penalties we are experiencing according to what we deserve.

When we finish one chapter of our lives and move to a new one, we always have to face the consequences of what we have previously done. Maybe we do not completely manage our lives, but in the end we are responsible for what we did. This tarot card suggests that it is time to look back at what we have done so far and what we have achieved. We got the chance to start a new and fresh start, or to correct all the mistakes that have been made so far.

This is a positive tarot card that announces triumphant unification and resurrection, it contains a call to awakening – we have to get out of the darkness and immerse ourselves in meaningful and contented candles. He also tells us that we are now at the beginning of the right path, and he encourages us to go to him, while keeping in mind the lessons we have learned about past mistakes.

Although this card is mostly positive and announces a positive end, and if it is surrounded by negative and difficult maps, it may indicate an unfavorable end to some situation. This is a stimulating tarot card, but also a concrete call to action.

If the tarot card is drawn in a reverse position

He announces injustice, dogmatic beliefs, and prejudice. It can tell us how to hold our past firmly, we hesitate when we really need to act, and we are too irresponsible. We started to deny the truth and persuade ourselves into lies, let’s run away from fulfilling their tasks.

This position can also tell us how we refuse to go further because of fear and lack of courage and confidence to make that crucial step. Fear, guilt, loss, rejection and inability to make decisions, difficulties in personal life and at work, crisis.

In the old way of counting, in the sequence of the trumps of the great arcana, the force came after the chariot, but as this makes no sense within the coherent history, the two cards Justice and Power were exchanged.

The tarot card the court carries the number 20. The 2 stands for acceptance and rewarded patience, because the subsequent 0 represents a kind of new ground. The quintessence 2 is the number of high priestess. An indication of the safe passage of one’s own intuition, also called inner voice, or gut feeling. The Tarot Card The court stands for the redemption and for a certain kind of liberation from the previous life model.

General meaning:

The court is the tarot card, which enhances all other cards within a lay. Every Tarot depositor and every Tarot depositor knows that anyone who has reached The Judgment in development sees the world with different eyes -> all of a sudden everything makes sense.

Furthermore, in the Tarot Cards Fortune Telling the Judgment for the liberation of ancient thought patterns and models of life, for a reclassification cosmic seen and for intuitive understanding why things have gone this way and not otherwise. In this sense, the judgment is one of the stations that are full of reward for completed personal development. The angel figure with the trumpet on the tarot card the court is the archangel Michael blowing to the last judgment.

In love:

After recent interpretations of the Tarot cards in everyday use, the court is no longer just an indication of the only and true connection of life, this would be too easy and too fairy tale, because that’s not the case in reality. In ancient Tarot interpretations, the judgment is synonymous with the raising of the treasure. More right, though, is that the court is the card that indicates that the lesson of life has been understood, this realization is the true treasure.

In general, it can be said that a hunter in the quality of the tarot card The court usually recognizes that the relationship does not work, the partner of the heart remains in the old connection, or the relationship is no longer kitten, but still it will felt right -> the time of suffering is over. Seen in this way, the court is a topic of contention.

At work:

A tarot fortune teller, or a tarot fortune teller who uses tarot cards for fortune telling, has good news to announce with the court, because in professional matters the court speaks of stagnation being over, of passing examinations and of suddenly knowing what you always knew; this is my true vocation. Please remember that even the best tarot card has only temporary character, the wheel of life continues to turn and you are always faced with new challenges.

In everyday life:

When divination with tarot cards means the court pulled as a day pass a sense of freedom to enjoy because of deep insights. On this day everything is possible, the end of a waiting loop, the new approach to each other in the relationship, the redeeming end, or even the beginning of a satisfactory spiritual development. As a situation map, the court is the smile for no reason, the breathe even in the hardest work process, the forgiveness for secret misdeeds and the spring breeze on a difficult road.

Dark side:

Self-adulation, cannot free themselves, lower instincts, suppression of every human emotion, spoilsports, cunning

In the tarot, the XX Judgment card is related to the responsibility and aspect of spirituality. When this map is present in the analysis, it is a sign of the arrival of sudden events that allow a person to see things in a different way. It usually shows the period in which we are forced to make important life decisions, and many changes come completely unexpectedly. Changes in the business plan and in love then are inevitable.

Key words: moral restoration, spiritual awakening, karma, improvement, introspection, recovery, healing, intellectual incentive, change, internal transformation, law of causes and consequences, a new beginning.

Map XX Judgment upside down: Penalties, disappointment, theft, difficult consequences, weight problem, family conflicts, and marital conflicts, lack of insight, jealousy, frustration, and stressful situations.

Astrological correspondence: Planet Pluto and Zodiac sign Scorpio, the process of transformation.

In love card XX Judgment denotes renewal of partnership. It also refers to the rapid development of events and karmic love relationships.

The financial and business plan shows the influence of family members on professional choice or karmic influences related to the workplace.

In the health segment, the XX Judgment card refers to hereditary problems, problems with the liver.

Map XX Judgment belongs to one of the most complex because of its meaning and symbolism. The image of the angel high in the heavens with a trumpet has a religious aspect and a glimpse of God’s justice. In the interpretation it is related to merit, by identifying one’s own mistakes and what is right. Therefore, it refers to the important period of man’s life in which spiritual cleansing and the ending of all that is not in accordance with the spiritual concept occurs.

In interpreting some of the general meanings are associated with forgiveness, correction of behavior, revival, development, conflict resolution or dispute, and a better relationship with others. Map XX Judgment is indicated that the effort and commitment of the person will be rewarded.

Some tarot interpret this card as a link to the law, the court, the police, the authorities, while others consider it an indication of karma, “rewards” for any bad work or malice.

Tarot card XX Judgment and combinations:

  • Card Judgment and the fool: New hope, renewal.
  • Card Judgment and Death: Great work difficulties, loss of work.
  • Card Judgment and Star: Triumph, success, victory.
  • Card Judgment and Car: Great success on the business plan.
  • Card Judgment and Sun: Period of prosperity, abundance and important acquaintance.