Knight of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

The Tarot is a 78-card deck, which is used for prophesying. The origin of Tarot is unknown. Some think that it was created in India and that it was brought to Europe by Gypsies, or Crusaders, some that it was invented in Europe.

It is also believed that Tarot preserves the wisdom of ancient Egypt. Even his name can not be determined with certainty. It is derived from Egyptian, Hebrew, Latin, or is associated with the Syrian fertility goddess – Asterot. Not even the permutation of the word Rota (wheel), Orat (speak), Hator (Egyptian fertility goddess) is excluded.

There are various caveats related to myths, beliefs, magic. It is most likely that the Tarot originated in Europe, in Italy, and was named after the Taro River – the right tributary of the Po River in the time of humanism and Renaissance, when the myths begin to recover. There are various caves: Venetian, Marshallese, Bologna, Fiorentino.

The XIX century and the occult organization Golden Dawn are of great value for the interpretation of this system. She turned the Tarot into a coherent system based on the Holy Kabbalah, alchemy, astrology, numerology and magic.

Of particular importance are the names of Elifaz Levi and Alister Crowley. Crowley is the prophet of Teleme – free will in man. He and painter Frido Harris worked for 5 years on painting cards, so he created the best tile of all time, which represents the most important work of Crowley.

The major characteristic of Tarot is the famous psychologist Karl Gustav Jung – the creator of the theory of collective unconsciousness. According to his theory, man’s mind was formed over a million years. Within the collectively unconscious every human being carries the primitive impressions of his ancestors. The experience of the entire human race is shaped into archetypes, which have an exit in religion, mythology, philosophy, science, symbols.

General Meaning of the card

The knight of cups is very sensitive. Others usually love him. It’s incredibly passionate, but when it does not control that passion it becomes obscure. At the emotional level, he must feel powerful and intelligent. This is his biggest weak point. It can also be manipulative and mischievous. He is intuitive and he usually listens to his inner voice.

The knight of the cup loves challenges and appreciates everything that causes his intellect. His good mood does not depend on others and he seeks to see the world from his spiritual perspective. He overlooks prejudice and is always open and compassionate with others. It is ultimately romantic and women consider it irresistible.

Upright position

Knights of the cups usually refer to love relationships. It can talk about a significant situation regarding your emotions or relationships. This is mostly related to love relationships. The Knights’ Cup is extremely cocktail and romantic. He is guided by his emotions and is very creative. It represents heart issues and invites you to follow your dreams.

Indicates the period when you should exit more. When you get out of the Knights’ Cup, expect fun and excitement. You may fall in love or start a new love affair. In some cases, it may also indicate an offer or a business opportunity.

This is also the moment to follow your dreams. This map also denotes idealism and imagination. Creative creativity can bring you new connections and experiences. Be prepared to feel vulnerable. The knight’s knight also refers to deeper levels of sensitivity and intuition.

In love matters, the Knight of Cups is charming and attractive. Be careful, because the Knight of the Cup is not particularly stable. If you have just fallen in love, enjoy the current situation. Putting a stress on the future can lead you to disappointment.

  • new relationships and emotional experiences
  • new love
  • Follow your dreams
  • idealism and creativity
  • offers and calls
  • intuition

Reverse position

In the reverse position, the Knight of the Cup can indicate fraud and manipulation. Be careful with those who offer you something that looks too good for you to be true, because they will disappoint you. Check your new acquaintances well before contacting them. In business matters, check everything you sign. You may need a lawyer’s advice. It’s important to be firm and to “stay on the ground”. A knight of the cups can be a warning that others have a lot to do with you.

In love questions, the reverse Knight of the Cups can mark a partner who has a beach of attachment and rapprochement. He or she may be irresponsible and completely lost. Your values ​​and ideals do not coincide with theirs. There may be disagreements or conflicts of interest.

In some cases, the reverse Knight of the Cups is talking about the lack of imagination or creativity. You may have an emotional blockade. You should “discourage” your emotions.

  • fraud or manipulation
  • instability or fear of intimacy
  • caution is needed in business matters
  • head in the clouds
  • lack of imagination or creative blockade
  • the feeling of captivity

Very proud and upright, the “Knight of the Cups” rides past you on this tarot card. A romantic, idealistic Grail Knight, just started from King Arthur’s Round Table? The golden chalice in his hand, but also the fish and waves on his cloak, make him a knight of the element of water, that is, a knight of feelings and spirituality.

But also the element air and thus the cool mind this knight is closely connected. This is shown by the wings he wears on helmets and as spurs. They are reminiscent of the bright-headed messenger Hermes or Mercury from ancient Greek and Roman mythology, which was also equipped with wing helmet and wing shoes.

Knight of the Cups – Meaning, Love and Reversed

The order of the knight is therefore to combine with emotion and understanding two classical antipodes in the human consciousness to a good, powerful unity. Only in this way can one achieve his spiritual goal of filling the chalice with clear, pure truth and knowledge.

Like his court card colleague, the “Queen of Swords”, who is entrusted with a similarly difficult task in the Tarot, the “Knight of the Chalices” also chooses the principle of hope as the common denominator, combining spirit and sentiment into a good team: He rides on the map to the right and thus in the direction that we humans with “there goes ahead! There lies the future!” associate.

But stupidly, Knight faces all sorts of obstacles in the way: A river meanders through the picture and behind it tower high mountains.

So the knight pauses, curbs his horse and looks at the shiny trophy in his hand in a highly concentrated and devout manner. Will he find here, in the reflection of his soul, a solution to the problem before him? His chances are good, says the cloudless blue sky above the scenery. But forever the knight should not persist in his meditation, at some point it is also important to be active and to implement the findings. The horse is already scratching its hooves.

As a day ticket: If the Tarot picture “Knights of the Chalices” stands for you

Take your time today before making any decisions or trading. Your idealism in all honor – but how you can redeem your hopes is not yet clear. Play your options cool and clear in your thoughts, but do not just listen to the gray theory; the crucial impulse will most likely give you the gut feeling. Or a person whom you trust wholeheartedly, to whom you feel connected.

As Love-card: If the Tarot Card Knight of the Cups stands for your partner or relationship

With this knight of your heart, you feel deeply understood and protected. He carries you on hands like a precious treasure, bathes you in the sea of ​​his love. He takes care of you – but he also deserves the due recognition! He needs feedback from you and others to really feel like the person he wants to be. Give it to him and you can be happy. Pardon him and he is either holed up in himself or he seeks confirmation elsewhere.

In the Tarot, the knights stand either for moods within which something takes place or for persons, with the characteristics of the respective element. The Tarot card of the Knights of the Chalices shows a noble white horse that is kept in check by its rider. Measured step, the beautiful horse walks through the scenery. The white steed, in his restrained temperament, stands for noble purposes of the Knight of cups, for sensual pleasures and magnanimity. The knight holds his chalice in his hand as if he would like to offer it to someone. A Tarot card-laying counselor sees in Knight of cups a person with honorable intentions.

He also has a noble attitude, he is very loving and has a gentle mind. An admirer falls within the scope of the possible with the Knight of the Cups as well as a proposal, or a peace offer. The mood is moving towards flirting or much more. Everything is possible in the emotional realm, when the Knight of the Cups rides through the map sheet during the laying of cards. Sometimes it is just the harbinger of a harmonious time. With wings on the helmet and on the shoes, the Knight of the Cups connects with the messenger of the god Hermes.

In doing so, the depositor creates an analogy to his request to deliver messages and broadcasts. If the Knights of cups appears when placing cards, then there is an invitation, a message or a special request in the room. The red fish on his facing have a relation to creativity and imagination. It looks as if the knight is riding from a rubble desert into a fertile landscape, which is crossed by a river. The deeper meaning lies in the wage after suffering deprivation. Some Tarot card-making experts refer to the Knight of the Chalices as a dying man who comes from the desert.

The Knight of the Chalices as a day ticket:

The Knight of the Cups rides through the desert towards a fertile landscape. He can not be disturbed by anything. Pensive, he looks at his goblet. He is considered a dreamer because he does not perceive his environment at all. Not action determines his actions, but that kind of immersion that leads nowhere. With this day card you get the message to follow word deeds. If you plan on making nails with your head today, then you should work on your motivation. The lover is also often referred to as the tarot card, but the whole background lacks any serious background.

Today is a good one for a flirt and more. Anyone who wants to meet someone today has good chances. This day ticket reflects wonderfully approaching each other. Within an event, for example, one can expect lively interest from the opposite sex. Especially those who are not looking for a serious relationship, come today with a loose imagination fully at his expense. With exuberant exuberance as a basic mood this day is made to test its impact on others.

General: harmony; same-sex love; Flower-power mentality; the peace offer; Empathy; Mediumship; to create inner worlds, because reality seems too cold; Fantasy gifted person; friendly attention; gentle nature

Love: the romantic proposal; conciliatory atmosphere; deep and true love; Dropping impulses; Tenderness; sensitive approach; loving togetherness; trusting basis; empathic connection; warmth

Job: reconciling with yourself; Nursing profession; loving collegial treatment; professional use of media skills; Free spirit; creative-artistic profession; can not engage in duties and responsibilities

Shadow side: indifference; the swindler; the romantic spinner; Seduction; shallow cooperation; Introversion; Pretense of False Facts – Fata Morgana; faithlessness; accepted relationship disability; the hypocrite, to gain advantages; clumsy confidentiality

The Tarot card of the Knights of the Cups means kindness. Since the knights in the Tarot always represent the particular mood in which something takes place, the Knight Knight brings with it the harmony and the peaceful atmosphere. So much can happen in this mood. In a kind of serene cheerfulness, the questioner also approaches acquaintances, from whom much more can develop.

General meaning:

The knight rides loose, light and dignified on a white horse. In his hand he holds a goblet, like an immense treasure. The armor of the knight wears fish as an ornament to show his elemental dedication. His helmet and his shoes have wings and he reminds of Hermes the messenger of the gods. So it’s clear that the knight wants to deliver a message, it’s the message on the emotional level, the message of feelings and love.

Since the knight comes from a kind of desert landscape, it may be that it is the friendly approach after a difficult phase. A Tarot or a Tarot depositor often sees the Knight of the Chalices as the beginning of a relationship.

In love:

At the beginning of a relationship, the Fortune Teller, or the Tarot Fortune Teller, sees the affectionate and promising approach in fortune-telling by laying cards in the Knight of the Chalices. The already existing relationship is marked by forgiving and new approach to each other. In ancient relationships, the Tarot card of the Knights of the Cups is a symbol of the second spring. The end of a relationship can also be announced by the Knight of the Cups, namely when one of the two partners has fallen in love with someone else.

At work:

In professional matters, the Tarot card fortune teller, or the Tarot card fortuneteller in the Tarot card of the Knights of the Goblets, sees a promising work situation on the questioner. The existing professional situation is harmonious and friendly. The boss is always accessible, no matter what. Collectively, one is proud of what has been achieved. The end of a professional relationship is painfully felt and a return is likely to be possible at a later date.

In everyday life:

As a day ticket, the Knight of the Chalices is a harbinger of a venture that will not disappoint in the end, but a certain form of blissful wisdom. In the situation map, the trained Tarot card reader, or the trained Tarot card depositor, also sees the inside view, which reveals the picture landscape to the soul.

Dark side:

Sentimentality. Shoulder-knocking, self-lying lies, the spinner, the fantasy, the dreamer