Kookaburra – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

The Kookaburra, as it is called German, is also called “Laughing Hans”. The reason for this is his reputation, which sounds like he is laughing loudly. He prefers to do this early in the morning and often gets locals and visitors out of bed.

Often, younger animals in particular often like to fly against the windowpane, but fortunately they usually remain intact.

According to observations by bird experts, this should happen on purpose, but there is no explanation for it. An Aboriginal legend says that the kookaburras have been commissioned by the godlike Baiame to wake people up in time they needed to get up. The Kookaburra belongs to the genus of kingfishers and is about 45 centimeters in length, the largest member of his family. A full-grown hunter reading reaches about one weight The Kookaburra in Australia

The kookaburra is the most popular bird in Australia and it is a country’s staple animal. The bird is found mainly in the east and south of the country, but also in Tasmania. The laughing Kookaburra is often found near water and in wooded areas. The bird’s staple foods include reptiles, insects or small mammals. He loots these in open areas or more often in parks and gardens, where he also likes to beg people for food. In shallow waters, the kookaburra eats fish or mussels.

In addition, the laughing Kookaburra kills poisonous snakes, which is one reason for his great popularity in the country.

The hunter’s nest is a faithful animal that lives in a monogamous relationship throughout its lifetime. To incubate the offspring, the parents retire into hollowed tree trunks or abandoned termite mounds to alternately hatch the two to four eggs. After about four weeks the chicks hatch naked and blind.

As with brooding, both parents also participate in the feeding of the voracious offspring. Four to five weeks after birth, the young, now feathered, can leave the nest. However, the offspring often stay with the parents for a few more years to help with the next brood and to be prepared for their own reproduction.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Many Indian tribes believed that they belonged to a particular species. This animal became the religious symbol of the totem to which supernatural powers were attributed. If the animal was treated respectfully, the Indians believe, its powers are also transmitted to the people.

As a spirit animal, Kookaburra is best described with these words: social, beauty, happiness and effort. Every person represented by this bird is a people’s person who likes socializing and spending time with others. You like being surrounded by people who have been through a lot in life and who have plenty of experience.

There is nothing better than making yourself pretty and going on a night on the town with a group of good friends who know you well.

This bird is also a symbol of every person who loves beauty in all its shape and form. Kookaburra as a spirit animal makes you a very beauty obsessed person, which can easily turn into narcissism. To avoid his from happening, make sure you are always surrounded by real people and those who know that life is not always nice things and beauty, there is some beauty in pain and longing as well.

This unusual bird as a totem gives you a very confident nature with the ability to overcome every obstacle with a strong attitude and headstrong behavior. Even though this can be a problem at times, especially when others haven’t done anything to you and you feel attacked, but it can also be an advantage in sense that you are aware of your qualities.

You are not the type of person who devalues itself and says you are not worth of something. You are very confident and you know how to attack problems head on, without ever hiding from them.

Overall you are a very confident, loud and outspoken person who knows how to behave among other people and how to climb the social ladder easily.

On the other hand, as negative traits some mention your inability to sympathize with others because you don’t understand why they can’ be the same as you are.

Kookaburra – Meaning and Symbolism

Probably the thing these birds are most famous for is their voice. They have a very unusual sounding voice that can easily be recognized among many other bird voices. Many find it extremely funny because it sounds like someone is laughing, so you can easily recognize it in the forest.

We can actually hear this voice many times on TV and movies, but also in Disneyland where it was used in one of the theme parks with jungle theme.

When Summer Olympic Games were in Sydney in 2000, the Kookaburra was one of the official mascots for the event. Also a book based on this interesting bird called “The Mystery of the Laughing Shadow” was written by the author called William Arden.

For the biggest part, this bird is linked to Australia and the rest of the world is only starting to get to know this bird and its true beauty.

Symbolism and mythology linked to it was created by Australian indigenous tribes and people who came there afterwards. The laughter of this bird is very distinctive and it has been a symbol of joy, good mood and positive vibrations. Hearing this bird’s call is surely going to bring a smile on your face and make you laugh together with it.