Ladybug – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

You don’t have to be an expert for animal symbolism to know that ladybugs are symbols of good luck. They inhabit almost every part of our planet and have been on this planet longer than us. Besides being interesting in symbolic way, they are also very significant to nature and are more important to our existence than we think.

Animal symbolism is often undervalued and people don’t take it seriously. But the truth is that almost every brand and product has a certain animal as part of the logo or brand advertisement. It was always easy for humans to express their characteristics by comparing themselves to animals. Every animal has its own characteristics and we can, in some way, relate to them because we have those basic instincts inside of us.

Ladybugs might be small but their symbolism is important. It often happens that the smallest animals and insects can have the strongest symbolic value. Just like humans who might seem small and unimportant to others, but deep down have exceptional talents and capabilities we can only dream of.

Ladybug symbolism is widely known because ladybugs inhabit almost the entire planet. They are usually symbols of good luck and fortune, but there are some cultures that consider them to be negative symbols. If you are interested to find out more about these small insects, then here is your chance to do so.

Spirit Animal and Totem

It is hard to establish the difference between a spirit animal and a totem. Often people confuse these two terms or can’t understand the true difference. This happens for a reason, and that is because they are indeed quite similar. Before you get to the part about characteristics of both of them, let us try to establish the true difference between a spirit animal and totem.

Every person has its own spirit animal and totem. Even though you don’t believe in the animal symbolism, it is hard to deny that we often share similar characteristics with them. We all come from nature and we can’t escape from that fact. Every person has its own totem.

Your totem animal is easily determined by your birthday and you can quickly find out which characteristics you share with this animal. Another important thing to know about totems is that they can be called upon. In times when we need support and awakening of our powers, we can call upon our totem animal to help us. Ancient civilizations used spiritual rituals to call upon totem animals to help them overcome difficult times.

Spirit animals are the ones that follow us through life. To determine your spirit animal, you need to look back at your life and figure out which animal was always there. Each person has one animal that was constantly present and our paths with this animal often overlapped. You can even go back to your dreams and meditation sessions to figure out which animal often appears in your subconscious mind.

This animal is your spirit animal and the purpose of a spirit animal is to guide you through life. This animal shows you how to persevere and how to end up as a winner in the end. You can learn a lot from your spirit animal and figure out how to use the best of your abilities.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, ladybug is best described by these words:

  • Abundance
  • Joy
  • Knowledge
  • Passion
  • Past lives
  • Luck
  • Enlightenment
  • Color
  • Balance
  • Play
  • Rebirth
  • Trust

These words best describe your life path and behavior. People guided by the ladybug spirit animal are very lucky. Others often envy how much luck they have and how easy it is for them to achieve some things. You need to input a little bit of effort into something, and you can already expect the things to go your way.

This is simply because you are born under a lucky star and the universe is always leaning on towards you. Even though luck is something you do have in life, you still need to put a little bit of effort in order to achieve the things you want to achieve.

People guided by this spirit animal are also very playful and joyful. You can brighten everyone’s day by coming up with a hilarious joke or simply by being who you are. Negative emotions sometimes overcome you, just like any person, but this mood never lasts too long. There is always more to look forward to than to feel sad about. This is the reason why so many people seek your friendship and companion, because you always know how to bring up their moods.

Ladybug spirit animal also symbolizes passion. Even though you seem playful and joyful, this doesn’t mean you don’t know what is going on. You are very aware of your abilities and once you get interested for something, nothing and no one will stop you. It is best to choose professions and careers where you will be able to show your passion and your desire to progress.

You are also a very trustful person and you like others to be honest in their approach to you. Even though it is hard to find people who are honest and truthful, once you do find them you keep them close to you. There is nothing you hate more than when someone lies to you about something.  You love being honest to other people, therefore you respect that in others very much.


As a totem, ladybug represents joy, happiness and liveliness. You are a very happy person who likes to be in the center of attention. People love being close to you and listening to your fun stories. You have the unique characteristic to bring people’s moods up and bring joy into their lives. When you enter the room, the atmosphere light up and everyone gathers around you.

You love leaving things up to the situation. You don’t like thinking too much about the future because you are aware that faith can’t be controlled. Instead, you let things go their natural way and you don’t stress too much about the inevitable.

Symbolism and Meaning

Ladybugs have been important symbols for many cultures around the world. They inhabit large portions of our planet, therefore they are widely known and familiar to people. Their symbolism has both positive and negative characteristics, but in most cases they are seen as positive signs.

In England, ladybugs are considered to be symbols of luck and happiness. They were considered to be especially lucky for farmers. People believed that if spring goes out without ladybugs, the crops are going to be bad and the season won’t be successful. They were also considered to be symbols of good luck in general. If a ladybug lands on your hand, you can expect a lot of luck in the upcoming period.

This also meant that you are going to get married in on year time for someone you love. Spots on ladybugs represented the number of children you are going to have or the amount of money you are about to receive.

In American culture, these small insects were considered to be carriers of good luck as well. If a ladybug enters your home, you can expect a lot of luck in life. When the ladybug lands on your hand, you can also expect something positive to happen to you. Canadians believe that ladybugs are going to grant all of your wishes and dreams you have are going to come true.

Swedish people believe that ladybugs are symbols of marriage. When a ladybug lands on woman’s hand, this means she is going to have a lot of luck in the future. In Italy, ladybug represents luck when it flies into your bedroom.

In China, ladybugs are also symbols of good luck and prosperity. Spots on ladybugs back represent the number of months it will take to meet your true love and get married. When a ladybug lands on your clothing, you can expect to meet your true love very soon.

Ladybugs in Austria are symbols of good weather and warmer weather periods. When they start to appear, you can expect a lot of sunshine and warmer weather all in general. Spots on ladybugs back for Germans tell whether the harvest is going to be successful or not.

In general, ladybugs are considered to be symbols of good luck and prosperity. In popular culture, they have become much more interesting and widely used. Unlike some other symbolisms that died away, the ladybug symbolism keeps fighting and persevering through time.

Ladybug tattoos became especially popular, and the ladybug tattoos meaning is luck, love, prosperity and friendship. People still love seeing ladybugs around them, expecting the happiness to come knocking at their door.

Dreams about ladybugs

Ladybugs in dreams, like all other symbols, can be positive and negative. Sometimes they are bringing us good news and other times they are warning us about the bad things that re about to happen to us.

Seeing a ladybug – You are going to have a lot of luck in the upcoming period. This dream is announcing the positive energy that is about to enter your life and make you happier than ever before. This is especially positive period for finances, so you can try and invest some money into good business deals.

Several ladybugs – If you saw more than one ladybug in your dream, this means your life is in chaos right now. Things are all over the place and you don’t quite know how to establish control. Seeking advice from someone is the best thing to do right now, especially if everything you tried hasn’t worked.

Catching a ladybug – If you caught a ladybug in your dream, this means you will be surprised by something you heard. The news you are going to hear is going to be related to your friends or family members. Don’t be surprised if the news ends up being bad. Handle this with care and don’t’ spread the rumor around if you are not sure of the certainty of the story.

Ladybug on your hand – If the ladybug landed on your hand in a dream, then you will be very lucky and healthy in the upcoming period. Things will definitely start looking brighter for you each day, so be prepared to enjoy every moment of it.


Overall, ladybugs are positive symbols in almost all cultures. Their bright and positive symbolism makes people loving them and it will definitely remain that way for a while longer.

Ladybugs are symbols of positive energy, luck, happiness and joy. As totem and spirit animals they are positive signs that give people, who are born and guided by their influence, a bright and positive character. Ladybugs might be small creatures, but their value and importance for humans has been great because they gave us hope and strengthened our belief in luck and our dreams.