Lizard – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Lizards belong to the family of reptiles and they can be found all over the world. They are extremely powerful symbols that date back from ancient times.

People were introduced to lizards thousands of years ago, so their symbolism was built over the years. Because of their peculiar appearance, lizards were often portrayed as scary and intimidating to humans.

Most of their symbolism leans over to the negative side, but there are few examples of positive portrayals of lizards.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems differ in some ways, but they are in basis the same. Spirit animals guide us through life and pass on to us some positive traits and characteristics.

Their energies enter our lives whenever we need them and lead us through difficult moments. Totems on the other hand, are animal spirits that we call upon in times of need.

They come into our lives to give us protection and strength to persevere every problem and obstacle. Every animal has its own power and this power gets transferred to us through their mystical powers.

  • Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, lizard is best described with these words:

  • Flexibility,
  • Spiritual,
  • Quickness,
  • Tricksters,
  • Regeneration,
  • Adaptation,
  • Shrewdness

People guided by the lizard spirit animal are flexible and can adapt to almost any situation. Their ability to overcome obstacles by adapting to different social groups and places is what helps them survive in life. If they weren’t as adaptive as they are, they would have many problems and troubles along the way. Other people admire your ability to be on top of the situation and your ability to dodge the bullet every time. When changes enter your life, you never mope around and feel sorry for yourself. Instead you push forward and simply adapt to whatever it happens.

People guided by this spirit animal are also very spiritual. There is something about your aura that is simply mesmerizing to others. People admire your ability to connect with others and pass on your message without any problems. Your presence suits almost everybody and you are a very spiritual person in general. You can sense other people’s emotions and this helps you connect with them on a much deeper level.

If your spirit animal is a lizard, then you are quick to make decisions and generally quick in life. You do things fast and efficiently and others envy your ability to juggle several things at once. This trait helps you be ahead of every situation and finish things faster than anybody else.

People guided by the lizard spirit animal are tricksters. They can turn every situation in their advantage and make things work for them. If this characteristic takes over, then you can be a really negative and deceiving person. But, if you control this characteristic it can even be considered as a positive one. You can predict what other people are thinking and cut them short for what they intended to do. This way, you can always get the job place you want.

When your spirit animal is a lizard, then you are a little bit shrewd. Money is important to you and you don’t like to waste it. You will not spend money, even if it means you need to cut back on things you like buying. You simply love to have some kind of reserve of money stacked and hidden in a safe spot. This makes you feel confident and secure that you won’t lack any money in case of trouble.

  • Totem

As a totem, lizards are symbols of quick wit and adaptation. When your life is getting too complicated and hard to handle, you will reach for the spiritual help of this reptile. Handling hard situations is much easier when you have a power of a lizard to adapt to any situation. This makes you feel more confident and prepared for everything that is coming.

Lizard totem is going to salvage you from any problem, because you will be able to play a trick or two on other people. This is going to give you an upper hand in situations and make you get what you want quicker than anybody else. When your life is slowing down and becoming boring, this animal totem is going to help you be more engaged and interested in important things in life.

Symbolism and Meaning

Reptile symbolism in general dates back thousands of years ago. Images of reptiles and lizards have been found in caves and rocks all over the world. In general, lizards were considered to be tricksters and even in some cultures, messengers of the Devil. Because of their rough outside appearance, people never really fell in love with reptiles.

In roman mythology, lizards represented death and resurrection. To them it was fascinating how lizards were able to persevere through winter without any problem. In the Mediterranean areas lizards were symbols of wisdom and good luck. They were even used in Egypt as hieroglyphs to represent “plenty” or “a lot of something”. in Africa, lizards are symbols of protection and many tribes use this symbol and draw it above their doors in order to invoke protection.

In popular culture, lizards have become much more appealing to humans. Those who want to have unusual pets, tend to take care of lizards and other reptiles. Terrariums are popular these days, and the relationship between humans and reptiles is definitely improved.

Lizards are sued as tattoo motifs as symbols of trickster nature and adaptation. People wear them to express how they see themselves or how others see them. Sometimes we search for animal characteristics in our own behavior, or find a certain animal behavior interesting and worship-worthy.

Dreams about lizards

When lizards appear in your dreams, you can expect either good or bad things. Sometimes these dream symbols are going to bring us positive news, and other times the news is going to be negative.

When you saw a lizard in your dream, then you have been warned. This dream is telling you to be careful and to watch out for people who are your enemies. Their intentions are to hurt you and make you fail at something important. If you are careful enough, you have a very good chance to avoid the attack and finish as a winner.

If you killed a lizard in your dream, then you are determined to do something. There is an important thing you are focused on and you will do anything in your power to achieve this goal. This goal is very important to you and you have a very big shot at making it happen, because the spiritual forces are supporting you.

If a lizard bit you in your dream, then you will have extreme problems in your life. These problems are going to be linked to finances and money. Be extra careful about the way you spend your money and keep some of it for the rainy days.


Lizard symbolism changed slowly over the years but it still remains important and prominent. People started to care more about lizards and see them as potential friends and pets.

Even though lizards were often seen as bad or harmful, their presence in our lives is something worth praise. They have been on this planet far longer than we have and we need to respect their existence, if nothing for that fact.