Lynx – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Animal symbolism helps us connect with nature and the living beings in it. Even though we often deny this fact, we are very close to nature and, after all, we are a part of it. When you look at your behavior, it might seem obvious to you that your certain actions can be linked to animal behavior.

Sometimes we act impulsively and make actions that we normally wouldn’t do, just like animals react in the nature. They are guided by their instincts to survive, but the humans are as well. We are more progressive beings than they are, but it is sometimes hard to deny our natural instincts.

Lynx is a middle sized mammal that mostly inhabits the North American continent, but it can also be found in northern parts of Eurasia. They belong to the family of “lynxes”, same as bobcats. By appearance, they are mostly similar to bobcats and many confuse these two. They have a short tale and fur tips on the top of their ears, which makes it easier to recognize them. Lynx aren’t too aggressive, but their behavior is not tame either. Their size is not intimidating to other animals, but they are certainly a part of the predator group.

Their symbolism was mostly created by cultures that inhabited North America and the northern parts of Eurasia. If you ever wanted to learn more about the meaning behind lynx symbolism, then here is your chance.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Animal symbolism helps us get to know our own character better and connect with nature on a deeper level. No matter how much we run from it, there is no denying that we are also creatures from the nature. Animal symbolism takes us on a journey of discovery and helps us find out more about our own personality.

Every person has its own spirit animal and totem. Even though it is easy to confuse these two, there are also differences that set them apart. Your spirit animal is that one animal that has been a big part of your life. Perhaps this animal followed you everywhere and no matter where you go, it suddenly appeared. You can also determine your spirit animal by looking deeper into your dreams and meditation sessions.

Sometimes our spirit animals appear in our dreams to send us important messages and guide us through life. It is not hard to think of an animal that might be your spirit animal, because you will feel an instant connection and magnetism in the presence of this animal. You can even see yourself and your own behavior, by simply looking at your spirit animal. Spirit animals lead us through life, and the way they are pushing through obstacles is the same way we do.

Totems are determined by your birth date. These animals are great representations of your character and skills. When you realize which totem is your totem, you can know yourself much better. Ancient cultures even summoned totem animals to send them power and strength to persevere all the hard moments. You can do the same with your totem and always rely on it to show you’re the way. While spirit animals are our guiding forces through life, totem animals are more of a map to our personality and character. Either way, you can learn a great deal about yourself by knowing your totem and spirit animal.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, lynx is best described by these words:

  • Passion
  • Playfulness
  • Secrets
  • Teacher
  • Confidence
  • Intuition
  • Comfort
  • Awareness
  • Self
  • Understanding
  • Patience
  • Change
  • Loyalty

From the words we listed above, it is easy to determine which type of character you are and how you lead your life. When your spirit animal is the lynx, you are a very confident person who knows what is important. You have your own goals and aspirations in life, and nobody can shake your confidence or make you doubt yourself. This confidence transfers well on your love life and you can grab the attention of everyone in the room.

Besides having the confidence you are also an understanding person and you would never make someone feel bad. You love helping others, even though your main preoccupation is still your own good. This doesn’t make you selfish and you are always there for the people who deserve your help and support.

Unlike many others, you love change and with every novelty in your life you feel challenged and ready to strike. You even get bored when nothing is happening and when there is nothing to look forward to. Even though facing changes is difficult sometimes, you adventurous nature makes you want to see what is about to happen next.

When you find friends and when they prove their loyalty to you, you return them twice as much. You belong to one of the most loyal people and nothing can change your opinion about someone. Before you discard anyone from your life, you are going to get to the truth and discover what is happening behind the scenes. When you believe in someone there is no one who can tell you otherwise, and you are going to follow that person wherever.

Passion is another important part of your life. Finding your passion and what motivates you is extremely important because you can accomplish amazing things once you do. You are set up for success when you find your inspiration and passion, because no one will be able to detach you from your work. Same goes for love. Once you find that one special person, no one will set you two apart.

Following your intuition is another important part of your personality. When you are in touch with your inner self, you will be able to find the answers to all of the burning questions. Your intuition about people and situations is almost always on point, so trust yourself more than others.


If your totem animal is the lynx, then you are a very patient person. You know when to act and when to stay still and wait for the right opportunity. Other people trust you and you make them feel comfortable. There is a very serious aura around you, even though you have a little bit of playfulness inside you. When you are making jokes and smiling, others are listening carefully and your positive energy easily gets transferred on them. But, when you are talking about a serious subject, all eyes are on you.

People respect you because you are a good person and you have principles in life. Trusting your intuition is important because you are very sensitive to the outside signs. Sometimes you even know when something bad is going to happen to you, before it actually does. You are a very passionate person and you know how to direct your passion towards something productive. Once you find a person that suits your character, you will be loyal and dedicated to this person no matter what happens.

As a negative characteristic, some might mention your aggressive nature and distance you have towards other people. You don’t like sharing your personal life, even though you gladly listen to other people and give them advice whenever they need it.

Symbolism and Meaning

Lynx symbolism is mostly present in Norse, Greek and North American mythology. In North American mythology, the lynx is considered to be a “keeper of secrets”. This creature was seen as supernatural because of its amazing eyesight and capability to see even through objects. To Native Americans, the lynx represented seeing the truth in things and psychic power of clairvoyance.

Theophrastus, a follower of Aristotle, claimed that lynx’s urine hardens into a precious stone that is called lapis lyncurius or lyngurium. The lynx stone was also mentioned in the Pliny the Elder and Ovid, a story that was related to medieval lapidary and bestiary. The book later disappeared and it is also believed that the Latin name for Amber (Lyncurium) came from this legend.

The Greek goddess Demeter, commanded Triptolemus to go on a journey around the world to teach art and agriculture. When he finally arrived at the court of King Lyncus, the King plotted to kill Triptolemus in his sleep. Before he manages to do this, he got turned into a lynx by the goddess.

Lynx is also the name of a constellation in the north sky. The name for the constellation was chosen because the stars are so faint that only people with great eyesight as lynx can see them.

Dreams about Lynx

Black lynx – Dreams about black lynx represent your reputation. Perhaps someone is going to tell something about you that might shake your reputation or make others judge you.

Lynx attacking you – If a lynx attacked you in your dream, this means that a period of confusion and stress is ahead of you. Be prepared to handle it the best way you can.

Lynx’s skin – dreaming about lynx’s skin is a symbol of success and positivity. This dream is telling you that everything in your life is going to go according to plan and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Calm lynx – When you had a dream about a calm lynx, this means you are going to have a peaceful period ahead of you with no stress or drama.


Lynx symbolism is mostly positive. This resistant animal is seen as a symbol of confidence, loyalty, intuition, passion and understanding. People who are born under this totem or spirit animal have many good qualities and are often beloved by others.

Even in culture and literature, lynx has been portrayed as an important symbol with many great qualities. People admired his strength and perseverance before, just as much as they do today.