Page of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

In the Rider Waite Tarot, “The Jack of the Goblets”, also called “Page of the Goblets”, is a really handsome boy. With his elaborate headdress, his soft facial features and the soft pink water lilies that decorate his robe, the youth looks quite feminine or at least androgynous. In fact, in every boy of the Tarot’s four farm card families, a secret princess has actually hidden.

Fascinated, the boy looks at the golden goblet he holds in his right hand. A small fish looks out of it, a messenger of the sea, with which the color range of the goblets corresponds.

The element of water stands for emotion and intuitions that inspire lovers, and also for the artistic inspiration that makes poets into romantic minnesingers, puts wonderful love songs on the cards or lets the young lover shine on stage. The posture of the goblet-boy, the arm raised in the side, has something of a theatrical pose, what do you think?

With the fish, the water creature, the pretty Page looks like a piece of his own water-soul. He looks at his subconscious needs and emotions, his dreams and longings. And that happens very calmly, relaxed and lovingly. It is not about troubled sensations here. This is also shown by the gentle, soft waves of the sea in the background.

Only the gray sky brings some skepticism in the beautiful picture: too analytical – or too lightly! – one should not handle even small, unspectacular sensations!

As a day ticket: If the Tarot image “Page of the Cups” stands for you

Fancy a nice flirt? Today you have good cards, very light, elegant and charming to conquer a heart. Or several. Your romantic charisma simply enchants people. Your empathy allows you to look behind the scenes and meet with your counterpart just the right nerve.

But be responsible with your aura, do not do a show for the sake of the show – otherwise there could be wounded in this beautiful game!

As Love-Card: If the tarot card “Page of the Cups” stands for your partner or your relationship

Since you have chosen a magical heart prince! Sensitive and romantic, but sometimes a little green behind the ears? For all intimacy, his feelings and relationship involvement are often a bit superficial. And you could be right with that. Give him some time, he needs something else. Before he really feels like a “whole guy” and can seriously live a relationship, it can take a while. Do you have enough patience?

This card symbolizes new beginnings, pregnancy and birth, intuition, creativity and darning. The attention to the cup is sensible, intuitive and playful. When this map opens, it is time to stop observing so seriously. It’s time to relax, play, dream, and have fun.

Meaning for Job

Despite the fact that your job situation has been bad for the last ten years, there is a change. Whatever your place of work is and whatever level of education you have, you need to know that you have the option of choosing a job. If you’re unhappy at work, you realize the key to change lies in you.

Meaning for Finances

The pledge pledge promises a noticeable improvement in the material situation. If you have been waiting for a long time to get rid of some of the jobs that depend on someone else’s goodwill, the moment comes when it will be solved by you.

Meaning for Health

Listen carefully to the signs that send you your body and never mind them. Think about what physical difficulty is related to your psychology.

Spiritual Meaning

You’ve hinted this aspect of life. It is a long time to break the stupidity and monotony. Excuse yourself in bookstores and libraries to find something that will intrigue you.

Map facing upside down

The card symbolizes the indecision, emotional laziness, lack of initiative, introver, and lack of faith in their own “me”. The recent trauma or rejection you have experienced in you has created a firm lack of faith in your own abilities and capabilities, fear of rejection is the main brake that does not allow any aspect of life to move from a dead point. Look out for the problems you have in love affair, if you do not notice the relationship, it could collapse. This map on the map advises you to join a team activity.

Meaning for Love

The tarot is specific in that the court cards (pawns, knights, queens and kings) can be interpreted in two ways. One is that the map literally represents someone, and the other is describing general states and events as well as all other maps. I will focus on this second. Attention to the tarragon in the tarot The Light of the Soul is depicted by a very young person standing in the carriage, holding the shackles lightly. Behind him is a large sea blue. The sea is lightly wavy. In another cave he holds the cup in the hand holding the fish. Both fish and sea symbolize feelings.

All court cards belonging to the water element are very fertile. So this card as it represents a baby, means pregnancy. Here, pregnancy is taken as a product of love. At the second level, the map is unfortunate in terms of emotion because it suggests that the person was injured and that somehow somehow he needs to gather strength to rest on his feet. It needs to be emotionally rejuvenated. In order for a man to achieve this, he must learn to love himself.

Pitches are some kind of new beginning. Similar are the maps that carry the number one, but there is no unit experience, it should only be acquired while there is still a lifetime experience here. This means that life here is renewed, but we are burdened with life-related problems. Feelings need to be renewed, should the heart be allowed to reopen. It’s a lot easier to write than to go to work. But it is not impossible.

Like all the other cups, this map emphasizes the dream. It’s a sweet, unrealistic dreaming where everything is possible. Though the reality of the overwhelmingly petty attention of the coffin speaks of what we need, and sometimes we just have to relax and see where our inner voice will take us. This card is about intuition.

When it comes to the opening of the cup, it evokes a gradual renewal of feelings. Little by little we will start believing in our hearts. A lot will be contemplated. Peace will be preferred. You should always look at not only the context of the question, but also how old the questioner is. Because if it’s a young person, then the card announces that there will be a lot of seduction. The person must be careful not to have an unwanted pregnancy. Fears are inexperienced, and in young people lead to passion that can be abandoned. If the idler is older, the more experienced person will enjoy the company of young people. Romance will be emphasized. The person will go back to the past, into his youth, and in some ways will accept the best he can.

The patron is a sensitive and emotional young person. Usually he does not have the feeling of his own identity and has a tendency to depend on others. It is very intuitive and sensitive to its surroundings. The cup of the cup is an artist. His impressions are always based on emotions. He lives in the world of imagination. In the opening, the guardian of the captain signifies pregnancy or birth. In some cases, Page can also represent children.

Upright position

In interpretations, the Page of the cups usually represents something new that appears in your life. It’s usually a time of emotional revival. Also, it’s a great time to express your creativity. You have great inspiration and a desire to express yourself through painting, writing or music.

The meanings of this map also refer to good news about a wedding, a birth or a birth. Someone you know brings you important news. This is also the time when you are open about your feelings with close people. The current love relationship reaches a deeper level of intimacy. In some cases, the Pasha Cup is also a new romantic connection. This connection is usually filled with strong emotions.

The tarot card watch or the servant of a cup or chalice symbolizes new beginnings, creativity and good news. Positive changes are possible on the business plan, such as better business and greater satisfaction. Here is a period of creativity you will be able to use in the business. The pie’s attention brings happiness and well-being. You are emotionally fulfilled, your relationship with your partner is firm and stable, you are both sincere and enjoy each other. People who are looking for love are laughing at a new romantic relationship. Attention or servant of a cup or chalice can symbolize pregnancy, marriage or marriage. On health issues sometimes worry too much, relax is followed by a period of good health.

Reversed or mapped upside down indicates fear, indecision, and personal distrust. Turning the tarot card look or the servant of a Page or chalice indicates that you are too worried and hesitate in your choices, you are not ready to take even the slightest possible risk. You play safely although you see that they are so small chances of progress. Always think what others will say, time is to trust in

In financial matters, the Page of the cups refers to new projects. Perhaps there is a new business opportunity before you. In the work environment, good news about your business is possible. You may be asked to do something that you did not do before, or you are offered a new position at work. If you start a new job, it is important to pay attention to your emotions and feelings of others.

In the spiritual sense, the Page of the Cups is a map of intuition and self-awareness. It’s important to take the time to get to know each other better. Your inner voice is your best guide.

  • new beginnings
  • birth and pregnancy
  • intuition and creativity
  • good news
  • artistic inclination

Reverse position

In reverse position, the Page of Cups can refer to a fear of the future or hesitation when you need to take on a new risk. A fear of rejection can prevent you from starting a new love affair. In some cases, your emotions adversely affect your relationships. This is usually the case if you are still not clear with some situations from the past.

The Reverse Page of Cups also indicates that you do not express your potential. You may be too concerned about how others see you. Inefficiency and emotional insecurity prevent your progress. Your goals may not have a real basis. You are not decisive and persistent in implementing plans. You are overwhelmed by dreaming and you do not do anything specific to achieve what you want.

In a societal sense, the reverse Page of the Cups denotes introvert nature and refusal to take part in group accusations. It can also indicate that a relationship is nearing an end. You may ignore your feelings and you do not believe in your intuition.

  • introvert
  • lack of direction
  • life in dreams
  • distrust in intuition
  • indecision and emotional insecurity