Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

Materialism, care, fertility, motherly instinct, passive, loving, gentle heart, patient, clear, caring, sensual, creative, trustworthy, charming, wise, instinctive, ambitious, loyal, housewife, versatile are the main characteristics of this card.

Message and Interpretation of Tarot Card

This tarot card in tarot is taking care of others, nature and fertility. Domination of the sense of function (earth) makes the Queen of the Pentacles very interested in the quality of life at the present moment. However, its first auxiliary function (water) greatly mitigates its aspiration towards material well-being, and is therefore capable of adapting and satisfyingly living in modest material conditions.

This emotional woman has a lot of practical sense, intuition is her inferior function, but she does not seem to need it. Namely, her emotion is a powerful source of inspiration for creative ideas, the Queen is versatile and capable of almost every function.

The Tarot Card Queen of the Pentacles loves beautiful things, but always more appreciates the handmade artwork than the one produced by the industrial. She is imaginative and able to give a new dimension to ordinary things and make them original and unique. What he does not like is a rush and hurry, he is patient and can always wait.

Unlike the tarot card, the King of the Pentacles leaning toward tradition, as far as beliefs and religions are concerned, the Queen appears in the tarot as a more spiritual person and truly believes in the existence of more divine power. Such sincere faith and a deep feeling of gratitude make this woman modest but at the same time safe in her self. The Positive Queen will make great use of the power of his dominant mental function, feelings and knowingly support it with his other auxiliary function – thinking. This will gather and analyze a number of different experiences and teach them valuable.

In its nature, there is resistance to every kind of oppression and repression and to sympathy with those who suffer. The Tarot Card The queen of the Pentacles is a caring and treasured mother, the divorce from her children is always difficult to fall but does not interfere with the life choices of her sons and daughters.

She has a small and close circle of close friends, loves them, and loves them as a nurse and considers them an extended part of her family. In emotional relationships and marriage she is tolerant, but also proud and courageous. He is always open to expressing his opinion, which does not work in a quarrel way, nor to humiliate or offend the other side. This woman has a strong personality, is not stubborn and is always ready to listen to others and their arguments.

If the tarot issue is related to the circumstances, we can expect emotional and financial security, the opportunities we will live in will improve better.

The queen of the pentacle stands firmly on the ground. It is the ultimate symbol of Mother Earth. Capable of working multiple things at once, the Queen of Pentacles is often an employed mother. She is able to earn money without neglecting her children and family life. It is very good in solving problems of a financial nature. She thinks ahead and makes plans for her safety and security for her family. She is a protector, primarily the interests of her family. The interior of her house is very important to her. He loves a comfortable home, full of modern furniture.

Upright Position Meaning

In an upright position, the Queen of Pentacles is the embodiment of a female, motherly principle. The connection with the land allows for practical thinking. It is related to maternity, fertility and nature in general. Both at work and at home, the Queen of Pentacles is cold and calm. She is truly the master of her feelings and reason.

The meanings of the Queen of Pentacles are usually related to convenience and sensibility. It is usually a sign of financial and material well-being. In business and financial matters, the Queen of Pentacles marks the success of business ventures. It is also a sign of a solid material state. A liar can expect security, whether it’s a matter of a job or a relationship. If you are entering new work victories, the Queen of Pentacles suggests that commitment and a realistic approach are required. Take advantage of your organizational skills and be patient. You can expect constant progress.

In love, the Queen of Pentacles usually symbolizes the progress of love. If you are already in a relationship, this is the time for regeneration. You need to “feed” your relationship and it will really flourish.

Usually the Queen of Pentacle is associated with creative creativity. It is a card of realization and reminds you that you have the power to create something new at your own discretion.

  • practicality
  • financial security
  • abundance
  • creativity
  • care
  • motherhood

Reversed Position Meaning

In the opposite position, the Queen of Pentacles may indicate an overly protective attitude, or even the “choking” of others. In the opening of the inverse queen of the pentacle can signify suspicions and fears. Too much brainwork and care will lead to a complete loss of self-confidence and your progress will only end.

Sometimes the inverted Queen Pentacle warns that it might be irresponsible and careless in financial matters. Perhaps you are doing too lightly in this domain; this card is also a warning that you could be too grateful or excessive in spending.

In love questions, the queen of the pentacles speaks of control problems stemming from the feeling of envy and jealousy.

  • Too much concern about how we work for others
  • irresponsibility related to money
  • malice
  • control
  • giving pleasure
  • suspicion of self and insecurity

Meaning for Love

The Queen of Pentaclesin the tarot The Light of the Soul is presented to a woman sitting on a stone throne. The shield is set aside. They are overwhelming in color and can be inferred from this that it is a moderate and above all grounded person. Elsewhere, this card is painted by a woman sitting on a spruce surrounded by nature. Flowers and small animals dominate.

The queen of a disc can best be understood if it is identified with a rural housekeeper. It’s a simple woman who does not have great aspirations in life. It does not mean that it’s a bit of a bit. This is a modest person who really knows how to enjoy little things. Since it is most commonly associated with a home, it is easy to develop dependence on the family as well as on animals. It’s easy to bind to animals, maybe even faster than for humans. On a love affair this card represents a safe relationship, marriage as a safe harbor. The Queen of Pentaclesnurtures conservative attitudes toward love affairs. One has to know who is who, what are women, and what men’s duties. Once the plan and the relationship program is clear, it is firmly adhered to.

This card contains a lot of fertility. When it comes to opening, especially in the position of the future, it suggests that the existing love affair will be stable and fruitful. Fertile in the sense that everything in the home will be clean, savory. Lunch will be cooked on time, children taken care of, and time will be found for the cookie. If she is a male sexie and asks for a new love affair she is sure she will find it. It is important to note that this person will not look good at artists, thinkers, and anyone who is struggling to make money.

The Queen of Pentacles symbolizes a woman in your life, probably dark hair. It represents the archetype of female power; creative, patient, devoted, generous, full of love, fertile and brave. This card tells us to be close to our female side, and open our ears to intuition and to give priority to emotions. This card is a symbol of fertile nature and it can often represent pregnancy but it can also be a symol of upcoming creativity and boost of creative energy in general. You will probably be occupied with a job around your home or apartment, be careful not to enter too many debts.

Meaning for Job

The luck is on your side. You will have creativity and fresh ideas to anticipate. The woman of dark hair that works with you is certainly the person you can rely on, do not hesitate to accept the help. The Card advises you to make a job from your own home, if you can, to feel more comfortable and more productive.

Meaning for Love

It is a very good time for affection, you will be very attractive to the opposite sex. If you feel like falling in love with someone, this is the time to do that; you will meet someone over a dark-haired friend. Showing interest is going to make you become deeply connected with this person and your intentions will be sincere. With your partner you will revive your old passion.

Meaning for Finance

The queen of Pentacles hints at a great time for investment driven by intuition and a large amount of cash is going to land on your bank account. This card is telling you to start sharing with other people in your life and stop being so selfish. Do not spare, afford the pleasure that you have not long since.

Meaning for Health

It is time to put yourself and your health in the first place. Health problems you might have can be resolved by trying natural preparations and consult with alternative medicine.

Spiritual Meaning

make sure you listen to your inner voice and intuition because the solutions to your problems are going to come out of there. Use your imagination as well, and turn your problems into something positive.

Card facing upside down

If this card is turned upside down, then you might be having trouble in your life. Tarot card Queen of Pentacles symbolizes creativity, well-being and progress. This card also points to financial security. It shows a woman of dark hair that will be a person of trust and you can rely on it in business or social terms. The Queen of Pentacles means that on a business plan you will be extremely creative, business ideas will flicker, and you do not have to worry about finance, so this is the right time for a smart investment. Your love affair is progressing every day and it is possible to surprise you in the form of marriage or pregnancy. Health is good for you, but go to regular examinations.

Reversed or card upside down points to a loss of creativity, insecurity and financial difficulty. Turned tarot card queue or Pentacles tells you that your business obligations are a great stress and you do not get them done on time. Excessive paternal attitude towards your partner or neighbor brings conflict because you do not give them enough space and make yourself insecure.

Queen of Slices The Queen of Pentacles has arrived in a haven, a place of rest and regeneration after a long journey through arid desert land. The card is an indication that we should pay more attention to our body. Just let go of the stress of the past, watch your health and let your body settle down. In terms of finances, work, and relationships, the Queen of Pentacles is pointing out to a successful time. Success comes when we give our well-being and our health the highest priority.

Positive Meaning of the Card

Apart from longer holiday periods, we should consciously incorporate certain rest and recovery phases in our daily routine – moments in which we connect to our inner inexhaustible source of power. The more often we do that, the more clearly and quickly we feel the regenerative, soothing effect that gives us the strength and endurance needed to succeed in life. It can free us from stimulants that strain the body and reduce our strength.

The peace and confidence in ourselves reflect the degree of trust in our lives and our inner divine power. Rest and relaxation give us the necessary distance to recognize what is good for our well-being.