Salmon – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

When it comes to discovering the secret passages to your mind, there is no better way to do that than exploring some alternative ways.

One of the ways you can learn a lot about your character and hidden qualities is by learning more about your spirit animal and totem animal. To some this might seem like a waste of time, but animals and we have far more in common that you might think.

Even though we are guided by reason, we can often see ourselves in the behavior of a certain animal and recognize our flaws and good sides. We can learn more about the capabilities whenever knew existed and also learn much more about animals and their background. Animals are there to show us how to cope with the hardships of the world and how to endure even the hardest moments.

Fish is not an animal but this doesn’t mean it cannot reflect our character. Fish has been used an s a symbol in art and literature for centuries and each species has something amazing and interesting to teach us.

In today’s text we will learn more about the Salmon and the symbolic meaning behind this popular fish species.

Spirit Animal and Totem

When you often dream about certain animals or when they come to you in your meditation sessions, this might mean that this animal is your spirit animal. Spirit animals are there to give you guidance in life and to show you different ways how to cope with the difficulties of life.

Totem animal is something we all receive upon our birth and they are there to reflect our characteristics and personalities. Totem animal is always by your side and you can even summon your totem animal to help you find your strength.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, salmon is best described by these words:

  • Insight
  • Rebirth
  • Intuition
  • Family
  • Emotions
  • Determination
  • Courage
  • Strength
  • Transformation

People who are guided by the salmon spirit animal are very intuitive and they live their lives by listening to the inside voices in their heads. These people don’t like to live their lives according to rules, because that kind of life is not for them. They are mostly oriented on doing something creative and productive that can leave a good memory in the heads of other people after they are gone.

People guided by these sprit animals are dreamers and people who are highly imaginative. Their imagination is their greatest asset and without it they would be ordinary. Family is very important for them and it makes them happy to be surrounded by the people they love and the people who love them. Salmon spirit animal symbolizes passion and rebirth.

This spirit animal is a symbol of rebirth and transformation of every kind, and people who are guided by it are prepared to always re-invent themselves no matter what they do. If they reach a dead end, they will try to find a new way to transform them and start all over again. This is how they overcome difficult moments and deal with things that are hard in life.

Salmon spirit animal is also a symbol of knowledge and learning. If your spirit animal is salmon, you have a strong desire to learn and to educate yourself in various ways. This doesn’t have to be in college or in school, you might just have a strong desire to learn things and expand your views.


As a totem animal, salmon is described by words like intuition, intelligence, family, passion and goal oriented. People who are born under the totem are always in the search for something and they always know what they want. They will go to great lengths to reach their goal and do fulfill their dreams.

Salmon totem animal is also a symbol of family and you are someone who is always at its most comfortable when you are surrounded by the people you love. Their support is most important to you and not what everyone else says.

If your totem animal is salmon, then you are also very intelligent and you have a strong desire to learn new things. This is something you truly enjoy, while others just see it as something they have to do.

Salmon totem animal makes you a very intuitive person, and you can almost predict when something bad is about to happen. Your intuition often helps you to be one step ahead of everyone else, but it also makes you very emotional and sensitive. This is something that others might see as your flaw, but to some this is a great quality.

Symbolism and Meaning

When we think of salmon we don’t instantly think about the richness that is behind its symbolism. This fish is a strong symbol in Celtic culture and in Celtic poetry the salmon is seen as the symbol of wisdom and knowledge. This fish is always painted in the art and in poetry as the symbol of deep understanding and many turn to it to ask for advice.

Welsh mythology portrays salmon as the oldest fish in the entire Britain. Therefore the salmon is far more knowledgeable and smarter than all other animals and fish in Britain. There is even a creature called Llyn Llyw that is the only creature that knows where the secret Mabon ap Modron is located.

In Northern hemisphere, salmon is also seen as the wise and smart fish. In Norse mythology the Norse god Loki turned himself into a salmon and managed to escape the rage of other gods. Thor was the only one who managed to grab Loki by the tail, which is the reason why salmon’s tail is tapered.

Native Americans also had an idea about salmon symbolical meaning. To the Native Americans, the salmon symbolized a great desire to reproduce and create a family. Salmon is also a symbol of fertility in general and people often protected this symbol by life, because it meant so much to them.

In popular culture, salmon tattoos are becoming more and more popular. People started to learn more about the symbolic values of certain animals and decided to gift them a part of their flesh for the rest of their lives. Salmon tattoos are symbols of family, strength, imagination and strong intuition.

Dreams about Salmon

Dreaming about salmon might be unusual but it is not impossible. If you ever catch yourself dreaming about salmon, this dream can have both positive and negative meanings.

Seeing a salmon – If you saw a salmon in your dream, this means you are currently going through some emotional struggles. There is something that is bothering you but you are not sure how to express it to the world.

Salmon in the water – If salmon was standing in the water without moving, this dream is a symbol of loneliness and desire to bond. This dream is telling you that you are currently very alone, even though you might not feel this way.

Salmon in a big group – When there was more than one salmon in you dram, this means you have a lot of people around you who are nagging you. Everyone is giving you advice about something and you just can’t escape their influence no matter how hard you try.

Big salmon – Dreaming about a big salmon is a symbol of a big problem in your life. There is something very stressful and big in your life that is not giving you time to rest, and you don’t know how to resolve this issue.

Small salmon – Contrary to the above dream, dreams about a small salmon are symbols of small problems in your life. These problems are not unsolvable and you can easily resolve them, but you need to devote more time into it.


Even though salmon doesn’t evoke feelings of interest each time we hear about it, there is a lot more symbolic value to this fish than we think. Salmon is a symbol of goal oriented person.

Someone who is very strong and resilient and someone who knows how to deal with problems. When it comes to discovering the secret passages to your mind, there is no better way to do that than exploring some alternative ways.

Salmon was a very important symbol on various cultures around the world and it held a special importance in Celtic and Native American culture.

Salmon as a fish is often used as a symbol in popular culture and its symbolic value is far greater than we might think.