The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot, (from Le Tarot, italian Tarocchi) is a deck of mysterious cards associated with playing cards and are actually their ancestor. The Tarot has seventy-eight cards that comprise the 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcans divided into four colors.

Unlike modern gaming cards, created by the Tarot, there are four “Court cards” (court cards: King, Lady, Gendarmerie, Knight) instead of three (court cards: King, Lady, Gendarme).

Also, there are 22 cards called “Trump” and in Tarot they are the Major Arcana. In addition to the Major Arcana there is also Minor Arcana. If we take away all of Tarot cards from Major Arcana and every fourth of the Cardinal Card, then there are fifty-two cards that we still use when playing popular card games. Aduti – 22 Great Arcana cards do not have common symbols and each card is a card for itself.

Minor Arcana is divided into 4 groups of 13 cards that have a common symbol and color. The three cards belong to the so-called court cards – Gendarmerie, Lady and King of the other ten numerological charts ranged from one to ten.

Minor Arcana, as well as regular playing cards, have 4 colors with 10 numeric cards, and 4 signs of Tarot are called:

* Swords

* Cups

* Dinars

* Rods

These signs became over time:

* Hearts

* Clovers

* Pikes

* Diamonds

The origin of Tarot is unknown. Some authors interpret it as originating in India, Persia, or China and brought to the West by Crusaders on their return from the Holy Land or the Arabs as they conquered Spain, while others claim that the Tarot was created in the west, in Europe. One can not accept the theory that the Tarot came to Europe through the Arab or the Crusaders, since it would have been that the cards arrived to Europe very early, long before relevant evidence exists. It is therefore most likely that the Tarot was invented in Europe, in part of Northern Italy. The first records of Tarot cards in Europe date back to 1370.

Whatever the purpose you want to use Tarot cards for, you have to fulfill several conditions: The first requirement is that you have a Tarot card deck. After that, you need to choose the best one. Or make your own Tarot cards, ignoring the artistic abilities of the person concerned. It should never be forgotten that the Holy Kabala and the particular tree of life are keys to revealing the mysteries of Tarot. The most famous tarot cards are: Kaplan tarot, Golden Dawn tarot, Martian tarot, TOT tarot, Alisteria, Crowley.

Tarot cards are not an exception to those objects that collect impressions or vibrations from their surroundings so they should be held in a bag of silk or some other natural material. It is desirable that the bag is black, because the black color of the color is magical protection and the cards are stored in it to be used for various purposes. On the bag, you need to perform those symbols and characters that matter to the person concerned.

In addition, the bag contains the name and magic password of the owner. If the cards are for meditation only, they are kept in a purple bag, and if used for spiritual development, then the bag should be yellow or gold.

The next rug is a quarter-finely shaved fragment of silk to which the cards are to be placed. Afterwards, the Magician must perform a protective ritual. It is best to make a small spinning pentagram of the ground. Before that, it should bathe and physically clean the proctor. Before the ritual, determine the purpose of using Tarot cards. It would be best if this is a general formulation. In any case, the magician himself has to formulate the purpose of the cards. The following symbols will be placed on the altar:

  • In the south, there are three candles and a scent stick.
  • In the west, the cup is filled with sanctified water.
  • On the east of the arbor or knife.
  • In the north a bowl of salt and bowls of olive oil is placed.
  • In the middle of the altar there are rugs, boxes, bags and Tarot cards next to them.
  • Then the magician will light the saints, find the cards 3 times through the flames and start the ritual.

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The tarot card The Chariot carries the number 7. The 7 is reminiscent of a (victory-) flag in its shape, the 7 stands for optimism and victory. Who goes forward can only win. The chariot symbolizes the emergence of the hero, this tarot card is a symbol of courage, entrepreneurship, risk-taking, to be driven forward and confidence.

Persons identified by the Tarot Card The Chariot has a strong sense of self-confidence, they have the power and self-image to inspire and attract other people.

General meaning:

Tarot lovers are essentially in agreement that the car has all the forward-looking characteristics to give any problem situation a certain mobility. But if you look carefully at the wagon, you will find that the wagon does not move, for the white and the black sphinxes, which are stretched as yin and yang, as diverging forces, are stretched instead of drawn.

In the more modern Tarot interpretation, the chariot means available potential, which is available only in certain circumstances for use. The symbols Lingam and Yoni on this Tarot card mean unification, but the journey does not go any further because, as a charioteer, you first have to learn to unite divergent or opposing forces in order to use them. Astrologically, the car is associated with the cancer.

In love:

If an experienced fortune-teller or magicin has the chariot lying on the table when dealing with tarot cards in a relationship or marriage question, then she immediately knows that this case is a relationship or marriage in which the person is living in, is spoken and felt. In the initial stages of a relationship, the quality of the chariot is a significant start-up problem. In the ideal case, a third party could simply give in here, but that would have to be a person who knows both partners well. This person would also have to be liked and respected by both partners. This is as difficult a task as steering a chariot or getting it to be pulled by diverging forces.

Here are conditions that must be met. If that is taken into account, then it can become a living and constructive relationship. The tarot card The Chariot carries the number 7. The 7 is reminiscent of a (victory-) flag in its shape, the 7 stands for optimism and victory. Who goes forward can only win. The chariot symbolizes the emergence of the hero, this tarot card is a symbol of courage, entrepreneurship, risk-taking, to be driven forward and confidence. But the chariot also means making new connections and bringing fresh wind into an old relationship.

At work:

A fortune teller or depositor who uses the tarot cards to place cards sees chariot in a premonition, a promising start, or the beginning of a self-employment with the associated normal difficulties. The two converging powers of the sphinxes are the difficulties that must be reconciled. The charioteer has at least the potential to do so.

Sometimes, however, the car also speaks of a career change in which you will be traveling a lot.

In everyday life:

When drawn as a day ticket, the Tarot card reader translates the chariot as a victorious phenomenon for the respective day, where the chance to wave high could come.

As a situation map you are faced with a real challenge that you will most likely master with flying colors (exam, job interview, travel, everything under one roof).


Carelessness, driving the chariot into the dirt, recklessness, failure, hesitating too long, allowing opportunities to pass unused, not recognizing the favor of the hour, freezing

On this card we see a man on a cart drawn by two horses. The man seems to look into the distance. The two horses go in two different directions. This stands for the different possibilities offered to the person. The bushes are ignored. They seem to take decisive steps towards their fates. The man does not hold the reins of the horses. He is a conqueror. The way he walks is interpreted by his gaze and not by the control of his horses.

The Chariot is a hopeful card. It is enlightening and stands between the interpretations of the two cards of the sun (XVIIII) and the moon (XVIII). In the card, there are parallels to the person and the chosen colors, which are reminiscent of the great powers at the beginning of the circle, The Emperor (III) and The Empress (IV).

The Chariot is a sign of development. He describes a process of improvement and describes the connection between success and work. A person full of ambition and motivation, as shown on the card, will grow beyond his own expectations and conquer his path thanks to his skills.

The chariot can also stand for a defeat, if the expectations are above the possibilities. The card can be a sign of orientation loss, or even of fatigue. Arrogance and self-love can put the individual in an unfavorable situation from which they can no longer find their way out. The man driving the chariot runs the risk of misrepresenting himself by attributing competencies that he does not possess.

You are a fighter! They love to be in action and do not stay calm. At work, they are always on the ball and known as a stressed person. Your mistake? Sometimes you tend to act before you think…that sometimes comes at a price. The chariot is also a person who likes to take the lead role and believe in his chances.

Your obstacles

Unfortunately, they often act carelessly. They have a mistake: they lack self-confidence or, on the contrary, they are too confident. This imbalance often causes them difficulties in interpersonal relationships.

Often, they seem immature and their rash decisions often fall to their feet later.

How to use your best qualities?

There has come a time for them to act. Your efforts will pay off. The moment has come for them to make a fresh start and rethink some things in their plans. They should benefit from their experiences and find something new that suits them. Everything about her is on the move. The chariot keeps them moving and gives them new possibilities that will become more concrete. Maybe a move, a new job or even a new relationship.

Their projects are making bad progress, as they generally do not seem to be in good shape. But their dynamic and their hope push them further and make them more positive. That’s why their plans will work out. If they give everything, then they will do it. Stay positive and get your mental strength to keep coming.