The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

The hermit, also known in German as the “hermit”, is a tarot card that places a very special importance on the inner processes. She directs the person in the direction to go his personal way. The hermit sees in people the personal, unique light that occurs in their very individual form so only once.

The fact that the path has to be gone alone does not necessarily mean that he is lonely. The hermit walks with his gray, magnificent beard in a mysterious habit almost meditatively his way, illuminated by his lamp. With this lamp, he not only illuminates the way of the present and the moment, but reflects and looks back to review through the filter of the wisdom of the years, insights and prior goals.

The hermit shows the personal way

Your own path is not about complete isolation and de-socialization, but about the goal of choosing the path wholeheartedly. Strange values ​​are of no importance to the hermit. What really matters is self-determination. The sense of life is lived out with a “look inwards” and consequently the identity is formed in the same way. Exoterics, everything that comes from the outside, is not ignored, but not discussed with one’s own value. Esotericism – as the inner source of calm and unity – defines free value creation and its unfolding.

In card making, the hermit focuses on the true self. With this central role, it aims precisely at the phases of life in which self-discovery and meditative and value-free being, often even vital, can be. Even if external starting points, such as friends, acquaintances and family, can help in this phase, they are not essential for the hermit. The inner support is the only necessary pillar for the luck. The interior represents not only the true identity, but also the demarcation to the employment of insignificant – and thus not anchored in nature – values ​​and standards. Alertness, attention, and calm concentration are strengths of the person who is on the path of the hermit

Relationships with loving demarcation are his strength

In relationships, too, the hermit chooses a harmonious path designed with his own values. Rarity and preciousness are typical characteristics of a relationship based on the quality of the hermit. Thus, people who carry the typical characteristics of the hermit, never lonely, but sometimes even alone. But only because he deliberately chooses this path, resting in it and wants to change nothing. Because only then he sees the perfect connection and can mystical in this form one.

The 9 features the tarot card The Hermit. The 9 closes in the upper third to a circle, the hook tapers down to finally stop altogether. The 9 is a curved and soulful number, since it is the number of the hermit, if one should develop a feeling for oneself in the first place, otherwise it can happen that all ways end in the nowhere. And where else does every searcher know himself best? In the loneliness. The upper closed circle of 9 means to keep what you have, it is the essence of the innermost self. With the necessary seriousness and inner peace, which distinguishes every ascetic, one should withdraw from external activities as well as possible. In the thesis, this card means to feel a tormenting sense of loneliness even in the largest crowd.

General meaning:

The Old Man on the Tarot Card The hermit is wrapped in a long flowing cloak, a kind of monk’s habit. This symbolizes the isolation to the outside. The staff resembles that of the magician, but here it merely serves as a support on the basis of experience.

For the Tarot interpretation, it is important to know that the hermit, with the help of his lantern, looks back in a kind of reflection in order to put old goals and insights to the test. This is absolutely necessary for a reorientation. In addition, the tarot card The Hermit speaks of modesty, self-discovery and humility. The savvy sitter recognizes a certain kind of wisdom in the person portrayed in the quality of the hermit.

In love:

The experienced hunter, or the sorcerer, recognizes a rare togetherness of harmony and serenity in relationships depicted by the hermit in tarot carding. Here are two philosophers who go through thick and thin together, or have gone. Such a relationship is precious and uncommonly rare.

However, the fortune-teller, or the soothsayer, does not recognize the man alone when he is using Tarot cards because he has simply been alone for too long. But this person does not feel lonely, he knows the difference between being alone and being lonely. Such a person generally resides in himself and does not want to change anything because he does not miss anything.

At work:

The hermit at work speaks of a man who is not a team worker in the first place. The hermit in the Tarot Legation calls for a close examination of views and goals.

Maybe it’s time to take a new career path? Or to refresh old knowledge in order to stay competitive? The snow on the map can also speak of a job model, which is subject to seasonal stagnation.

In everyday life:

If the hermit appears as a day ticket, the Tarot card reader interprets this as a sign finally to let all five degrees grade. It is essential to retreat on this hermit-inspired day.

As a situation map, the hermit often speaks of ruptured appointments and disappointing dates.


Unnecessary isolation, bitterness, insecurities, self-loathing, necessary insights out of the way, getting lost on the path of life

Lonely, the hermit walks in gray clothes through the snow. Equipped with a thick beard and staff, he looks at the path ahead of him. His lamp illuminates his path so he knows how to set his steps and not stumble.

The hermit’s tarot card is not about isolating oneself from others and limiting social contacts. It’s not about going to loneliness for years to find enlightenment.

The hermit’s path is one’s own identity. It’s about goals that you want to achieve from your own deepest heart, not foreign ideologies and values. The personal sense of life is the focus here.

The hermit must deal with his innermost and know or at least feel his very own identity. The look into the innermost is a central starting point of every esoteric teaching, no matter whether it is about meditation, self-discovery or astrology – the change is not brought about by the outside (exoterics) but by inside (esoteric).

The hermit in a card reading often marks a stage of life in which one must focus on one’s true self. This strategy can even be vital. Sometimes in our lives we come to turning points where everything seems to collapse. If we do not have an external anchor point in such a phase, e.g. A close person who, by sympathy and support, returns our attention to the light on the horizon, may lose the last spark of life. In such a phase, however, we still have our inner light.

The inner light is our true identity, our faith and our personal essence. Our environment bombards us every second with external stimuli and contradictory things. We rarely come to rest, are always mentally filled with often unimportant and actually strange things. TV, mass media, work in our company – most of the time we are busy doing things that are not really related to our true self.

If we pay enough attention to our inner guide star, occasionally deliberately bring about periods of calm and inner retreat, then the external negative energies can not easily divert us from our path.

You are called to seek happiness and your true power in you. All attempted solutions in the outside world fail. What you need, you will not find anywhere except in yourself and this is your big chance to get what you really want. However, it is necessary to keep an inside look. Keep your thoughts calm and listen to your inner voice, it is in your body, it IS your body, listen to your body. Discover your inner energy potential, it’s far more powerful than you can imagine in your wildest dreams.

Affirmative meaning

My inner power is of divine origin and I focus on it.


If we turn inside, it will be pretty dark there at first. Many shadows in the form of old rigid belief structures and injuries want to be recognized and redeemed by us. The path to light leads through the shadows. When we have recognized the shadows, they vanish, revealing our divine light. The hermit turns his attention to his inner light.

He also concentrates in large crowds or in efforts on his body and his inner strength. So it is possible for him to penetrate to his light, which brings him peace, love and bliss. When this light comes on, we recognize our true origin.

Negative Meaning

Numerous shadows of mental injury, such as resistance, death wishes, denial of life, pain and grief, have been deposited around our core of life. When we seek the inner light, we first find these deposits that block our view of our core of life, our light. If we try to remove these shadows, we will find ourselves in situations of life that enable us to recognize their meaning.

The first step is to decide that there are no coincidences. As long as our lives are determined by chance, we have no means of knowing the meaning of our shadows. By believing in chance, we remain victims of life circumstances. We do not realize that every situation is a mirror effect and tells us something about our shadows.

The Hermit (Einsiedler, Weiser) is the ninth card in the Tarot and belongs to the so-called “big arcana”, the trump cards in the Tarot. He is always portrayed as an old hooded man wearing a torch or lantern for symbolically bringing light to the darkness. The hermit represents the loneliness that brings knowledge.

He always appears in the card game when a situation has changed and requires new paths, but whose design is still in the dark. It also symbolizes an inner process of maturation and growth that reminds us that all knowledge is already hidden in us and that we only have to find it again.

The hermit turns away from the crowd and avoids the community, not because he is a misanthrope, but because he realizes that he needs time for himself to clarify important questions with himself. He comes in times of great loneliness in the map image, irritated by its severity and seclusion and returns with findings back to life. Like the hermit, we too must go through periods of loneliness that are not empty and vain, but bring new insights and perhaps an important course correction that can help us.

The experts of esoteric life counseling are very well versed in the topic of being alone and lonely – whether intentional or unintentional. Paging on the phone can be a way to properly capture and implement the gifts of insight that the single phase brings