The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

Many aspects of the tarot card interpretation are not recognizable at first glance. It’s about the powerful energies of the elements and the potential of your mind. Her higher being has powers that enable incredible things.

The tarot interpret is the door opener to the deep levels of our consciousness. But where do the individual tarot cards have meaning? And which? And what are the small and the big arcana?

Tarot cards Meaning: The big arcana

A classic tarot deck contains 78 cards, of which 22 are assigned to the major arcana trump cards and 56 minor arcana cards. The cards of the great arcana are called symbol cards and show not only events but also important phases of life, life themes and life changes. When you place these tarot cards, you should know how to interpret the tarot cards so that you correctly interpret the symbolism of each card.

The trump cards of the great arcana are usually numbered to 22 and start with the number 0, which represents the first trump card “The Fool”. Each trump card is associated with a powerful symbol, such as Devil, Death, or The Last Judgment. In our time, the sequence of Tarot cards in the Great Arcana is also known as the “Journey of the Hero” symbolizing the spiritual and spiritual life journey of man.

To the card readers 

The most important trump cards with their general tarot cards meanings:

  • The fool: child, impartiality, lightness, liveliness, sometimes arrogance and carelessness
  • Death: End of a section, farewell, detachment, something new can begin
  • The Pope: confidence, self-confidence, intuition, clarity, open to the spiritual path
  • The devil: temptation, jealousy, fears, mistrust, dependence, sense of being trapped
  • The Last Judgment: Pending decisions, finding solutions, liberation, salvation
  • The Hanged: Things are upside down, dissatisfaction, stagnation, helplessness, rethinking a situation

The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana includes four series of number cards and yard cards with staffs, swords, goblets and coins. Each of these symbols is assigned to an element and shows you in the Tarot different areas of life with different levels of meaning.

In the tarot card meaning, the card images of the small arcana rather relate to issues and matters of everyday life. They recognize tendencies, but no radical twists. Some tarot decks also display scenarios or people on the number cards other than the number of symbols, such as the Rider Waite Tarot. Other sets, such as the Crowley Tarot, have captions on the subject areas.

The principle of tarot cards colors

The colors of the Tarot number cards correspond to those of conventional playing cards, however, there are differences in the color designation depending on the country. In Germany, for example, the chalices are named after the French card sheet “heart”, while the color in Portugal is called “copas” (goblet). The color mapping to the elements has become established only with the Rider Waite deck in the iconography.

Previously, the small arkana tarot cards were just the symbol in their numbers.

The tarot cards meaning in relation to the four colors are:

  • Chalices: element water / heart: emotional worlds, intuition, soul, social relationships
  • Coins: Element Earth / Check: Finances, talents, material wealth, sensuality, traditions or excessiveness
  • Swords: Element Air / Spades: Rationality, Truth Search, Concentration or Control Compulsion and Strictness
  • Rods: Element Fire / Cross: Creativity, fighting spirit, zest for life or egocentricity and nervous tension

Who can use tarot cards and interpret the tarot?

Anyone can lay tarot cards, but reading tarot cards is often a tricky affair for newcomers. Professional stockists often do not know exactly the background of the questions and interpret only the drawn cards. The imagery translates the experts until the advice seeker understands the answer.

Unexperienced relate to the Tarot unconsciously their own wishes and ideas with what the tarot cards can distort meaning. It makes sense to consult an experienced tarot card reader if you have any urgent questions. You can easily lay tarot cards on the phone. Knowledgeable mapmakers recognize the quality of a given life situation, illuminate various aspects in their entirety and know how to interpret the symbolism of each individual tarot card.

How can I interpret tarot cards myself?

The understanding of the person seeking advice depends primarily on his degree of maturity. If you want to interpret the tarot, you can fan the cards without mixing

The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

The Hierophant is generally the spiritual leader, regardless of belief. It may be a Pope, Priest, Man or Yogi Master, he is the link and mediator between the spiritual world and the earthly. On the tarot card he sits in blessing posture between two identical stone pillars. He also stands for stability and resilience for values, norms and beliefs for which he himself is a representative. Two subordinate priests look up to him respectfully and receive his blessing.

The priestly gesture of blessing stands for the unification of polarities. The Victory sign, for example, the famous splayed fingers, symbolizes just the opposite – the separation of the polarities. The crosses on his robe have nothing to do with the Tarot card Hirophant the Christian cross but also symbolize the union of opposing principles.

Hierophand is completely subordinated to this life goal and also takes on personal hardships in order to do justice to his task.

The main message of this Tarot card is to act from firm inner conviction. In the life championship, the main thing is to connect the analytical thinking with the intuition of the heart. The Hierophant connects to the Divine by connecting the polarities within himself and finding the right balance in his life situation. It is about decisions and opposites that need to be constantly solved and connected in everyday life – different approaches, ideas, approaches and beliefs.

Therefore, the spiritually growing person must think and act like a Hirophant. He must stand by his inner convictions and be prepared to enforce them uncompromisingly, though he must unite between the dualities and polarities.

When laying out the tarot cards in a laying system Hierophant stands thus for their own beliefs and beliefs. Faith does not question the underlying energies – they are simply assumed. Only if we believe in our own goals because we know that they come from within our very core, then the universe will also provide us with the necessary resources and coincidences that we can achieve our goals.

The hierophant, (high priest, pope) carries the number 5. The number 5 stands for higher teachings and cosmic tailwind. The 5 represents supreme spirituality. Hierophant stands for inner truth, for virtue, protection and wise counselor. Why the Hierophant is one of the most puzzling maps of the Tarot could be due to the fact that only people with higher knowledge can understand its message.

General meaning:

The Hierophant is the godfather when you set out to search for the meaning of life. Every calender knows that there is a deeper meaning hidden in everything, and sometimes this is very difficult to reconcile with our pragmatic world. Not infrequently The Hierophant displays divination with Tarot cards an educated man who turns out to be a wise counselor.

Sometimes a wise Tarot fortune teller in the Hierophant merely sees the point of development in which a human is. On the card we see a man dressed in ecclesiastical robes, he holds the right hand, which represents the consciousness in the air, he is in a kind of preacher pose. The Tarot card is often called the Hierophant as a card of spiritual truth. The positive power of faith should never be underestimated, yet this alone is not enough if the underpinning knowledge and special experiences are lacking.

In love:

Many cardlegriders and cardholders interpret the tarot card The Hierophant as a marriage, or at least as a harbinger of a marriage. This is also very common in card reading practice.

But not only that, because The Hierophant can also show a partnership based on deep mutual trust. If the card-reading theme is a rift or a long-lasting dispute, then forgiveness and forgiveness are more than likely. If the Hierophant comes into play when interpreting the person card, then it can also be a notorious know-it-all, who, on the devil’s part, scrapes off every conversation by grabbing everything mercilessly and taking the helm rhetorically. The Hierophant reminds but also in love to not lose sight of a certain guiding sense.

At work:

A fortune-teller, or a tarot fortune-teller who discovers the hierophant in the spread of fortune-telling by means of card-reading, knows immediately that this is the message to follow his vocation. Occupations that are in the sign of the Hierophant have mostly to do with a mediator, because the Pope is a mediator between God and man.

People cards, therefore, often indicate to people who have the chameleon-like personality that they need to be able to act at all levels. These are usually people who have a more than healthy self-confidence. In addition, The Hierophant is considered a teacher and herald of higher knowledge.

In everyday life:

If the day card The Hierophant is drawn when placing tarot cards, it is not uncommon for the person concerned to keep their eyes and ears open that day. It could be that he is hearing something that changes his life.

As situation map The Hierophant usually means to gain some insight, or to understand, to recognize necessities, or to be afraid of anything for nothing, because the Hierophant is a protection card.

Dark side:

Religious fanaticism, breach of trust, hypocrisy and hypocrisy, katzbuckeln, principles riding, twisting the truth, better know-how

Meaning for singles:

This card lays the foundation for a new relationship for you. Although in the past doubt and mistrust were predominant in your emotional world, now you find yourself back to your self-confidence and also to the trust of other people.

This development is important so that you can devote your heart back to a new partner. Your personal well-being comes back to you – and that’s a good thing. For far too long you have neglected yourself, it’s time to start enjoying life again. You are currently at a point where you find it worthwhile to look at certain things from a different position.

With it you create a completely new space for your heart’s love. Your intentions are absolutely sincere and you are ready to appreciate and respect a partner by your side. Take on the feeling of confidence and internalize it. It is quite possible that the right partner will soon come across you.

Do not act hastily, but give yourself time. The partnership that comes to you is fueled by love and mutual understanding. It will not be an affair, not an adventure, but a relationship on a solid and stable basis. Marriage at a later date not excluded.

Meaning for your partnership:

The Hierophant shows you that you trust your partner blindly. There are days when you doubt whether your partner has truly earned this trust. Yes, he has. The card confirms that you treat each other with respect and respect.

Your mutual love is a blessing for your partnership. You have absolutely no reason to doubt. Take more time for each other again and seize the opportunities that are offered to you. It may be worthwhile to deviate from fixed rituals and habits and to break new ground.

Do not let yourself be impressed by externals, but follow your instincts. They offer many inspirations that can enrich and inspire their relationship. If possible, do not let these opportunities pass unnoticed, but seize them as soon as they reveal themselves to you.