The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot: You would like to know more about your past, present and future? The tarot cards can help you with this.

Because with the help of Tarot cards, you can interpret your life situation easier. Are you looking for answers to specific questions that you are currently dealing with? In order for you to succeed, we tell you everything you need to know about Tarot & Kartenlegen.

What is tarot?

Tarot means a deck of cards with a total of 78 tarot cards. These tarot cards can help you interpret your life situation. This can be a good supplement to reading your daily horoscope daily.

The Tarot Deck is divided into the 22 Major Arcana and the 56 Small Arcana. Incidentally, the word arkannum comes from Latin and means something like “mystery”. An apt term for the tarot cards. After all, the tarot cards should help you to unlock the secrets of your life.

The 22 major arcana consist of 22 cards. Their symbols are fundamentally different from those of normal playing cards.

Therefore, the major arcana are often referred to as trump cards. These tarot cards are among the great arcana: the fool, the magician, the high priestess, the ruler, the ruler, the hierophant, the lovers, the chariot, the justice, the hermit, the wheel of destiny, the power, the hanged man , the death, the temperance, the devil, the tower, the star, the moon, the sun, the court and the world.

The Small Arcana consists of four by fourteen cards – the Cup Cards, the Coins Cards, the Swords Cards, and the Staff Cards. Each of these groups consists of ten number cards (1 (= Ace) to 10) and four court cards (King, Queen, Page, and Knight).

How to play: How it works:

You would like to put the tarot cards? Then make yourself comfortable with a few candles and some relaxing music and concentrate on a specific question.

Mix the tarot cards well and then start laying the tarot cards. If you do not want to confine yourself to pulling just a single card and interpreting it for your questioning, you’ll need a tarot placement system.

In a tarot placement system, the tarot cards are always placed in the same places. These places have certain meanings. A tarot placement system can consist of only two tarot cards or even all 78 tarot cards. Which tarot placement system you use depends on your question and your personal preference.

Beginners, especially, can best cope with the three card tarot laying system. Three Tarot cards are drawn from the Tarot deck and placed next to each other in order. The first tarot card in the row will then help you to interpret your past. The middle tarot card tells you everything you need to know about your presence. And the third tarot card in the row gives you an idea of ​​your future.

The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

The magician stood at the beginning of the act, he is the act – the movement. He is the male aspect of the universe. Opposite him appears the High Priestess, who embodies the feminine principle. She sits on a throne and holds a book scroll in her hand, while the Rider Waite Tarot has the word “Torah” written on it. This points to the secrets of Kabbalah, the profound.

Behind her is a curtain that covers the passage between two pillars – the secrets remain to be fathomed, the path must be explored and gone. The cloth wears a pattern that consists of large pomegranates – the fruits of life. Life itself is about exploring and experiencing one’s own universe. After the magician, this card now shows the duality of things – the opposite. Nothing is to be considered individually, the principle always includes above and below, right and left, light and dark – the duality.

In most cultures, the sun stood for the masculine power, and the moon for the females, which also found its equivalent in the language (interestingly, in Germany it is just the opposite, here it is called “the moon” and “the sun”). The life-giving power of the sun was assigned to the man – the light and bright and open, the element of fire. The kingdom of the woman was seen as belonging to the moon – soft light, twilight and also the water.

The High Priestess was the secreter of secrets-the one holding the key to knowledge, and above all to the unconscious. On the map, the drapery of her robe trickles like a waterfall over a crescent moon at her feet, indicating the rising moon. Water as an element is associated with feelings, and the moon is, among other things, a symbol of the unconscious. This is about the hidden knowledge within that finds its counterpart in the exterior.

When the High Priestess shows up, it’s time to get to the bottom of things. It provides clarity about many things. Almost everything that inhibits or hurts us again has its origins in the subconscious. There are also the roots of negative cycles that we go through again and again because we do not know how to interrupt them. Since water is a symbol of the map, it can also indicate “do not want to know” – or false assumptions that are assumed.

Self-deception is also a topic of the high priestess. To a greater extent this applies to the map XVIII – the moon. He often shows things in deceptive light – but here it is simply a matter of pushing the veil aside a little bit.

The High Priestess asks us to listen to the inner voice – the intuition. The soul usually knows the answer to the questions asked, you just have to listen. An intuitive assessment of a situation or a person has nothing to do with prejudice. It is the knowledge that lies within us and that rests like a treasure in ourselves.

Without realizing it, we collect impressions and knowledge that we store from earliest childhood, because the subconscious mind does not forget anything. What we call “intuition” is usually the unconscious tapping of this stored knowledge. The direct process is unaware, so we do not take a logical line of reasoning and believe that we have decided “out of the gut”, or had an unexpected impulse.

Simply put, we see the arithmetic problem and the result – the calculation remains invisible, even though it is completely correct. If one becomes aware of these processes, it becomes clear what value intuition can be from. The logical path and the intuitive complement each other, they do not negate themselves. It’s all about balance, you should use both possibilities and, where possible, connect with each other. The pure head person will as well as the only acting out of the feeling fail.

When the High Priestess comes, she can say that we should take a closer look, that we should not fool ourselves, that something should be kept from us, that we hide something ourselves, that we know too little, that we should develop spiritually, and Above all, she warns of a standstill. It also indicates that it is time to accept and integrate repressed truths.

She always points out that every coin has two sides and you have to accept each one. Not always, everything is as it seems. It can bring clarity into confused feelings and help them sort through the knowledge of the origins. She advises to listen to the dream messages and to learn to understand them. If necessary, it is time to ask for other truths to be clear.

It embodies the healing power of spirituality, the power of one’s soul. She is the counterpart to the Magician, she is the sorceress of the night. It is a side of duality.

The Tarot Card The High Priestess (also Pope) is the archetype that simply should not exist, from a religious point of view, because there is no female pope. And yet there was a female pope. The Pope Joan, who has made an unprecedented career in the lap of the church until she died in childbirth. The Tarot Card The High Priestess wears the 2, she stands for the wait, the readiness, the patience and the gentle pressure. The Tarot Card The High Priestess stands for the subtle aspect of femininity, she stands for the hidden and the mysterious depth of the feminine anima.

General meaning:

It is conceivable that the Tarot comes from a man, because if you only look at the card The High Priestess, then it is noticeable that no woman on this card would have given that menacing aspect, if one considers only once the female cycle, each one female beings are connected with the mysteriously enticing forces of the moon, which undeniably finds its echo on this tarot card. This fact is troubling many men.

If a hunter, or a layman in a tarot lie, sees the tarot card The High Priestess, then it can be assumed that in a certain matter the unconscious and the wisdom deeply hidden in it play a role. The high priestess stands for spirituality / intuition / mystery, for the clairvoyant par excellence, for patience, and for spiritual depth. The card-hander, or the depositor, who has this card in his hands knows that there is a deep secret that may never be revealed in any matter that is nevertheless of great consequence. The Archetypal Correspondences for the Tarot Card The high priestess can be found in the prophet, in Circe, the wise woman, the midwife, in the goddess Diana, in Astarte and in all the virgins of this world. No wonder that The High Priestess is astrologically associated with the mysterious cancer that emerges from the depths.

In love:

When Divination by Tarot appears to the High Priestess in relationship issues, she speaks of deep, intuitive, and yielding female understanding. There is a mysterious attraction that the female part welcomes but the male part fears. The High Priestess is the classic map for soulmate, for understanding without words and for caring. The high priestess also stands for protection, forgiveness and mediality.

When men believe in a relationship marked by the High Priestess to be able to keep their secrets to themselves, they are horribly taught a better one, because The High Priestess plays with secrets like the cat with a mouse. And anyone who has ever seen this, knows how cruel that is. The high priestess, however, is not cruel, but she conveys that everything in life has a sometimes very high price.

At work:

The Tarot Card The High Priestess is also a good and safe companion from a professional point of view, she stands for healing, help and trust. A fortune-teller, or a fortune-teller, who holds the high priestess in the hands of a professional in card reading knows that he is a person who often has healing and seeing abilities.

Also you can not wish for better colleagues than those who are displayed in the quality of the high priestess. The Tarot card the high priestess stands for all professions in which helpfulness, understanding at a higher level and gentle leadership qualities are needed.

In everyday life:

The high priestess as a day card speaks of a day that can be stuck deep in the memory due to a golden moment, an idea gets solid contours.

Also, it may be that one has to think about strange, beautiful and slightly disturbing dreams on this day. A day of nostalgia is also possible, or getting to know a particularly charming and mysterious personality. As a situation The High Priestess marks something gentle and beautiful, maybe a particularly intense and effective massage?


Illusions to self-delusion, damage spells, desperation, sneaking, false and empty promises, surreal notions.