The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

Propagating tarot cards dates back to ancient Egypt. Asked what a tarot is and why it has caused great interest to many for centuries, it can be said that he is a system of mystical messages from the past. The Tarot was a highly respected spiritual tool for propagating destiny. Mysteries and mysteriousness permeate every symbol and image of this magical composition.

Tarot as an ancient form of knowledge consists of 78 cards. In the interpretation of the great Arkana, it presents the concept of life and nature of each individual. The Little Arkana in the Tarot symbolizes all those mental characteristics, processes and circumstances. The symbolism of tarot presented through esoteric symbols symbolizes the doors of the spiritual world and cosmic secrets. Many people in the desire to learn secrets on their path of destiny use this precision technique, which, unlike others, can provide a comprehensive and detailed answer.

Interpreting the tarot is a form of divination used by people seeking a kind of spiritual guide. The Tarot can be used to get an answer to a particular question, to describe events from the past, the present and the future, or to get us in more detail in a situation that interests us.

Traditional decks have 78 maps that are grouped into two categories. One of them is known as the Great Arkan, which consists of twenty-two cards, each of which has a unique meaning. The other part of the deck is known as the Little Arkan, making 56 cards divided into four colors, similar to the one in a regular playing card. Each of the four colors (Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Rods) has number and court cards from one to the other. But, unlike ordinary playing cards, in this deck each color has one extra card.

Also, each color has its own “theme”. Cups refer to questions of love and emotion; Pentacles represent material and pecuniary issues; Swords represent situations related to conflict and truth; Rods refer to creativity and spirituality.

Tarot cards as an occult system are surrounded by many myths and legends. It is well known that Egyptian priests used a tarot system for many mystical rituals. Many researchers, but also tarot lovers, believe that tarot cards are messages of mysterious characters. But in order to discover the hidden corners of the human soul through this ancient system, wisdom and widespread perception are needed. In the analysis of the past, the present and the future, the tarot clearly gives us opportunities and avoids unnecessary mistakes.

In general, the tarot is the mystery empire, the framework through which the universe itself sends answers. What are actually tarot cards and what is a tarot? Many researchers believe that the very name TAROT itself means “on the king’s way”. But according to the second opinion, there is a belief that the name originated from the word of the Italian origin “tarocchi” which translates into a pile of cards. Propagating a tarot is a highly regarded, but also one of the most widespread. Because of its mystical nature, the tarot is considered to be the form of astral energy transmission.

Each map carries its esoteric symbols through which can be depicted events recorded on the person’s life path. Tarot as a spiritual tool is considered a special language of the symbol, so it has to be handled very carefully with it.

The use of this system as well as the interpretation only must be in accordance with the great laws and energy. Tarot cards in themselves contain many equilibrium of the two principles, but also the mystical wisdom that must be handled in the correct way. Anyone who wants to find out the destiny of tarot cards must first accept the advice that change can only be achieved through justice, constant development, and respect for other integrity and desires.

Tarot teaches us is the path of development and success only if we are ready to change, transform and balance the balance. If we accept our karma, we endure every test time and in this context the tarot points us to the energy of prosperity, happiness and general satisfaction. Asked what a tarot is, many of us consider it to know the secret universe in discovering human destiny.

But, in addition to this generalized view, it can be said that the tarot itself is a source of wisdom, mysterious and above all unattainable, since the ancient civilizations remained unchanged in time. Tarot gives us the ability to find the keys to balance and harmony and to strengthen our spiritual values. For anyone who wondered what the tarot was, one of the best answers would be that it is the door to the spiritual world and the opportunity through which we can fix our life.

Symbolism and description of tarot cards

This tarot card symbolizes the first meaningful choice in life, rejection of adolescence and family protection in favor of our partner. With this tarot card person becomes responsible for his own destiny and action.

Tarot cards Love lovers signify love, not only for a partner, but also for love for oneself – the mind, body, and spirit are united. The tarot card is a powerful power source that is born of male and female energy (yin and yang). Here we see the qualities and strengths of Cara and Cara joined in the sacred unity, and that is what gives the lovers power. This is a tarot card that encourages love and passion, but points to the diversity of minds.

Key meanings

Unity of the various sides, deep love, dedication, marriage, connectivity through common understanding, sexuality, passion, duality, choice, empathy, attraction, bonding, compatibility, engagement, compromise, overcoming obstacles, communication, unification in love.

Message and Interpretation of Tarot Cards

Joining the two contradictions is the main theme of this map and is very often related to the love affair in the life of the person who asked the question. It mainly indicates that the relationship is in the wonderful phase of the revival, which means that the relationship is full of love, romance and passion and friendly relationships.

General Lovers represent attractive forces that pull and merge two things in a relationship – they are usually people, but there can be ideas, events, groups, movements. They can point me to the choice between Platonic and bodily love – this meaning comes to the surface when someone is interested in the person they have been in friendship so far. It may also refer to those who are interested in a person who is already in the relationship, or they are already related to themselves, in which case this opportunity should not be avoided.

If there is not any other heavy map near the Lover, it is an indicator of successful and fulfilling connections, especially those in the initial phase. It can also point to unimaginable ideals of love – love in its purest form, long lasting and selfless connection.

The tarot card encourages us to lose in love and enjoy it, to scatter the ego and sink into the embrace of our partner. Apart from this, the Tarot Card of the Lover may also refer to the need to reconcile the two different sides that appear in the situation we are asking about, which may be something in our relationship or something on a personal level. It tells us how we will meet the person we will fall in love with.

If the tarot card is drawn in a reverse position

This tarot card points to a lack of unity in the relationship and generally conveys to another partner. Perhaps there are things we need to cool and calm down, and make some serious decisions that we have been delaying for some time. We look for things that are not available to us, too much to idealize love or have the wrong image about the relationship and get the wrong impression of the person. A difficult period is ahead of us, and we will need to make a sacrifice in order to calm the situation.

It may still point to excessive sensitivity, jealousy, inharmony, separation, end of relationship, internal conflict, bad partner choice, contradiction.

The Meaning of Tarot Cards Lovers

Lovers love virginity, trust, enjoyment, joy, and harmony of opposition. They symbolize a strong intimate relationship and the confidence they empower. Besides love affair, they can symbolize a strong, intimate friendship.

Lovers can also symbolize two-half of their own personalities who, before reaching harmony, are confronted with conflict. The opening of this map points to misunderstanding with itself as well as the questioning of choice, life philosophy and lifestyle at all. Unlike Pope, Lovers advise us to “break” the status quo by listening to the inner voice and our own emotions.

Meaning for work

Here are important decisions you make. Be assured that you have considered all the options because it is likely that the best decision is what seems to you very disadvantageous for you. Make sure you take the pleasure of work strictly.

Meaning for Love

Love relationship will be the center of your life. If you are not connected, you will have a strong bond and lust, and if you are already related, it is likely that you will understand that it is “forever”. On a loving plan you literally “shine”, do not forget to share with close people.

General Lovers represent attractive forces that pull and merge two things in a relationship – they are usually people, but there can be ideas, events, groups, movements. They can point me to the choice between Platonic and bodily love – this meaning comes to the surface when someone is interested in the person they have been in friendship so far.

Meaning for Finances

Because of your love affection you will forget to pay attention to the financial situation.

Some things can wait but try to do what you should not postpone.

Meaning for Health

If you have health problems, the solution will only be enforced.

Meaning for Spirituality

Working with a teacher, mentor, or priest will help your spiritual ascension, but do not leave it blindly, listen to your own heart. For spiritual ascension you have never been more prepared than now.

Map facing upside down

It may mean that the connection is broken or only the upcoming problems in the same. A flipped map of a lover symbolizes the fear of responsibility and unbelief; You or your partner will find yourself in the temptation and the situation of great challenges. Perhaps this temptation is just a step to maturity and demonstration of one’s own maturity.