The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

Today, in the world, and in our country, a very popular vision of the destiny through the tarot, which has become the prophetic tool of par excellence. Unlucky or lonely people are trying to figure out their problems through the most varied superstition methods, hoping to hear or find some answers.

Their superstitiousness still corresponds to the most superstitious card readers, readers, numerologists, and geomers, not even understanding the smallest fragment of the tools they use.

Paul Foster Case in his book “Introduction to the Tarot” tells us:

“The purpose of tarot cards is to evoke thought and thus bring to the student’s consciousness the great, fundamental principle of mystical teachings that lie in the hearts of all  men. All these principles are based on one truth, and the knowledge of this truth is inborn to every human being; is to be used only when it is found and brought into the light of consciousness. ”

Meaning of the Moon Tarot Card

The tarot card “The Moon” stands for the unconscious. This card reflects the profound longing and dreams of a human being. This card is an expression of the fact that you should give in to your desire and your dreams and get involved in it. In contrast to the sun, which stands for consciousness in the field of astrology, the moon symbolizes all things that are expressed in the subconscious or in dreams. Especially in dreams, many yearnings and unconscious impressions come to the surface in humans. From a symbolic point of view, it can also be said that through the dream, the suppressed feelings and the aspects of one’s own inner self-perception are pictorially illustrated. The tarot card “The Moon” is intended to express that it can be dangerous if you do not yield to the yearning of the heart and its feelings.

There must always be some balance between rational thinking and intuitive thinking, taking care not to overrate one aspect. The dark water on this map at the bottom also indicates that there are always some dangers lurking in the shadows. That’s why it’s important to be careful step by step and to be careful in your life.

The motif of the card

The moon is a very old tarot card, which was taken over from medieval representations. Within this full moon, a face is recognizable in this map with closed eyes, and the face looks introverted to the beholder.

The moon is located between two stone towers and between these towers, the path becomes visible, which makes a spiritual journey of the human into the depth of his soul possible.

Meaning of the reverse card

In the reverse position, this card symbolizes that one should have the courage to decide on a certain direction and then pursue it consistently. But you should not rush and take your time to make decisions. Aspects of life should now be reconsidered, and if dissatisfied, new ways can be found. The map in reverse shows that one can expand, facilitate and enrich one’s life.

Meaning of the card in love and partnership

In love and partnership, the card symbolizes fears that are unexplainable. One is haunted by dark premonitions and responds very hypersensitive. This card shows that you have some problems or inhibitions about taking an important step. In a self doubting doubts and one is indecisive about one’s own feelings and feelings. The map “The Moon” shows, however, that you should not rush and it is better in many cases, if you let the events go wild, as much will regulate by itself.

Meaning of the card in the job and success

In terms of occupation and success, this card symbolizes that the outcome of an effort can be quite uncertain. There will be no guarantee of success in the profession. The map indicates that some things are unclear and it is difficult to estimate the further development. But this must not only be negative, because you can also be led by this uncertainty that you develop even more ideas.

Meaning as annual card

As an annual pass it is shown that you have to pass through a bottleneck, but you have to be vigilant. It is new territory to enter and one shows fears, if one should exceed this threshold. But you should definitely dare, because the step will be successful and bring good luck. One should not be influenced by his fears, but should not take the whole thing too lightly. It is important to take one step at a time wisely and look carefully to the left and right.

The tarot card “The Moon” really lives up to its status as a “Great Arcane” (ie “Big Secret”), because it takes you into a mysterious world.

The eponymous moon is more like a sun with rays. The round, yellow disk might well be considered a full moon, but at the same time the sickle of the waxing moon is embedded in it; So we have two phases of the moon at the same time, which would never be possible in reality. The sickle adorns a rather tormented and annoyed moon face.

Sparks rain from the moon to the earth. Here you see a brown dog and a yellow jackal standing in a meadow, howling at the moon. The dog looks rather nice, the jackal evil and scary. Out of the waters in the foreground, a crustacean, a lobster, is stretching its shears towards the moon. Directly behind the lobster begins a golden path that meanders between dog and jackal and through two stone-gray towers to the horizon. The trail ends in a mountainous landscape on the blue horizon.

Welcome to the world of the irrational, the dreams and the vague fears! While the sun, which also has its own map in Tarot with the number XIX trumpet, represents the clearly conscious side of our personality, the moon reflects the unconscious features of our being. These are more likely to be hidden in the subconscious and we live them out more automatically than targeted; as moods, moods, or bodily sensations, for example, which usually change just as quickly as the shape of the crescent moon in the sky. Even in your nocturnal dreams and the transition from the waking phase to the sleeping phase and vice versa, you will encounter this mysterious world.

In yourself, you encounter animal instincts that you carry with you from various stages of evolution (embodied by lobster, jackal, and dog). They are a natural part of it and the better you understand what is inside of you, the more confident your self-awareness will be. Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, suggested that the dream interpretation was the royal road, “the Via regia to the knowledge of the unconscious in the soul life”. And this path is illustrated very vividly by the golden path that leads from the waters, the primal sea of ​​all being, through the gates of consciousness to the clear blue of knowledge.

As a day ticket: If the Tarot picture “The Moon” stands for you

Last night, did you have a strange dream that still worries or even terrifies you? Or you react in the waking everyday life – just like that out of the gut – so strange, that you are completely irritated about yourself? That’s good, because it opens a gate for you today that you can go through to understand yourself a little bit better. Take your time, write down your dream or the strange situation in all details, note what comes to your mind; so you gain valuable knowledge and get yourself a little better on the track.

As the Love-Red: If the tarot card “The Moon” stands for your partner or your relationship

Your relationship is like a miraculous dream. You have very special antennas for each other, you communicate on levels that are not quite of this world. That can be magically romantic! However, sometimes you lose track of what is true and what is not. This leads to illusions about the feelings of the other, or conversely to getting into vulnerabilities and fear of loss that have no real basis. So be very careful to each other!

The Tarot Card The moon is suspiciously eyed by many card-makers as they lay tarot cards, revealing something of the eerie depth of human nature. The 18, which represents the number of the moon in the tarot, goes straight through the first step of 1 to 8, the 8 reflects like the moon an often distorted image of the innermost self. The 8 is not concrete, because it is an endless loop, here in this case, it is the sign for the way inwards. The checksum 9 promises us that we can not lose anything in the process, but we can only find ourselves alone -> hint of the checksum 9 to the hermit. That’s why The Moon in Tarot is the map of diffuse anxiety and psychotic appearances.

General meaning:

Every calender and every depositor knows the quality of the tarot card. The moon exactly, it is precisely this development station, which makes the cartographer to what he is. No depositor could work professionally in this profession if he did not know who he is. As paradoxical as it sounds, discovering oneself is the most difficult task in the life of every human being. And that is exactly the theme of the tarot card The Moon. For whom or what do we encounter on the way in? Not only our fears, but also our dark sides. These are symbolized by the cancer that rises from the depths and the animal nature of the dog and the wolf. The 15 drops of the not just friendly looking moon symbolize the devil, because everyone is on this dangerous journey inside always trying to reverse, or to be too happy to be distracted. The moon is the symbol of addictions of all kinds and the sign of the darker side of spirituality, which takes place within the spiritual depths of man.

In love:

A fortune-teller or a fortune-teller knows when playing Tarot cards that the appearance of the Moon is a relationship that is fearfully established and lived. Not infrequently reveals the laying of cards in the face of the moon nightmarish scenes, jealousy, insatiable longing and both mental and emotional torments. Very often under the supremacy of alcohol and drugs.

At work:

The maple, who has to translate the moon in professional matters, often reports fears of the future within a professional situation. Either there is a salaried job or the whole business. The moon never has clean balances in its luggage. It is the lucky one who gets out in the morning, because there are a lot of opportunities behind the moon. Surrounding cards show the extent to which a line of business is eaten from within.

In everyday life:

The card-hander who holds the moon in his hands while pulling the day-to-day card is advised not to avoid deeper insights on this day. That does not mean to indulge his gloomy and destructive thoughts without end, but at least you should follow the lunar trail inward and face his demons. The day in the moon quality is not a good day to indulge in socializing. The moon is assigned to the cycle of the woman. The moon reminds the hands of addictive substances, because the moon day is absolutely no day for experiments of this kind.


Dead man playing, bizarre, abstraction, hallucination, lunatic, disappointments, distorted self-image, dangerous sleepwalking