The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot – there are many opinions and theories from which the tarot originates, but none of them is safe. One occult assumption on the origins of the tarot says that he came from ancient Egypt, and that Egyptian priests created a tarot just before the collapse of his empire, so that the next generations could save their wisdom through the cards. Also found is the link between the symbol of the map and the ancient Egyptian book of magic “Book of Toth”.

One of the occultists who followed that idea of ​​the Egyptian origin of the cards was Aleister Crowley, and he called his spit “Toth’s book” to the Egyptian god of medicine, magic, secret knowledge.

The second hypothesis on the origins of tarot was established by Etteil who noted the connection between the tarot and the Jewish mystical system – the cabal (the cabal is a mystical system based on Jewish doctrines, includes elements of neoplatonism, Gnosticism, and oriented mysticism; it is learning that leads to fallacy with the god; in oral tradition).

The idea of ​​this was prophesied by Eliphas Levi, the famous French occultist and author of many important magic works, whose true name is Alphonse Louise Constant. He noted that there are 22 Great Arkansas in the tarot, as there are letters in the Jewish letter, and he concluded that the Jews had created a tarot. In this theory there are plenty of holes because we do not find Jewish symbols in the tarot, and the figure of the Jews appears in some versions of Tarot just like Luda.

Tarot Cobbles

The largest number of found tarot caves dates back to 15th century Italy, made on the orders of the Visconti – Sforza family and since then there are several types of tarot rocks. Let’s say, the Florentine TAROT contained 97 charts showing the four-element, four-element, and four additional values. The tarot from Bologna called “tarocchinno”, consisted of 62 maps and was used to play the numbers. From the 15th century Italy dates back to the tarot we know it today. At this time in Europe, the tarot quickly expanded and gained the popularity it has today. In his path to development, many nations played an important role, so in the system we find traces of Eastern to American influences.

Many scholars, artists and others who have studied higher states of consciousness have contributed to its development.

Thus, in 1888, a group of scholastics formed a society called “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” which gave the definition of tarot. According to them, the tarot is the central key to the entire philosophy that consists of aspects of astrology, numerology, ritual magic, prose, and alchemy that were considered to be branches of occultism. Golden Dawn because of their attitude that the tarot and the mascot are connected, they change the places of the Great Arkansas, by placing Luda at the starting place rather than at Arcana’s end as they have been, replacing the places of the Hermit and Justice cards.

Likewise, through their occult learning, the Little Arcana gains greater significance and is finally attached to the entire magic spur. Based on these caves, later on, there are plenty of caves that are based on them.

In the 2 main European horseshoes, we can classify the Marseille’s traditional French spit, and Raider Waite’s spit designed by the occultist Waite, a member of Golden Dawn, and here for the first time the Little Arcana’s are painted.

The Tower Tarot Card – Meaning

The tower points out to us a high energetic force that alters the unreal, the frozen, the indeterminate and the circumstances that no longer serve us. The changes are pushing our lives because it’s time to move on. The change has taken place in us and is now pushing to the outside.

Our old structures no longer serve us and we have to part with old ways of thinking and living. We will have to give up rigid attitudes and habits for something new to happen. This can be the loss of a loved one, the job, the apartment or something similar. Let your inner guidance guide you through this process, it opens up new spaces for you.

Affirmative meaning

I follow my inner guidance; it leads me on a new path chosen by me.

Positive meaning

When we say yes to the changes and no longer try to stop them, we recognize the unreal, that which is no longer ours, and let it go. When we then entrust ourselves to inner guidance, we enter into a space of peace. We feel unencumbered, purified and purified because we have freed ourselves from the filth of guilt, fear and dependence. From this a force awakens with which we can cross our own borders.

Negative meaning

We usually respond to strong changes with fear and uncertainty. Our EGO begins to fight for the alleged survival, because the old does not exist anymore and the new is not recognizable for the EGO. We fear that a painful loss or catastrophe may occur and begin to cling to the old. But all habitual behavioral structures begin to fail and it is possible that panic and despair spread or the feeling of meaninglessness makes itself strong. People who tend to short-circuit should be aware that change enriches life.

The traditional basic motif of the Big Arcane Number XVI is: A high tower is hit by the flash of light. Its roof, the “crown”, is being brutally torn down by the forces of nature, people are plunging down into an abyss, and flames are raining down. Chaos and brutal violence, then. And from the very highest point; from above, from God, from destiny.

Now there is no escape? But the true theme of the card is even the chance to escape old, bad life structures forever!

Depending on what unhealthy patterns you have lived so far: With the crown fall overconfidence and personal desire for power, but perhaps also blind authority or an exaggerated personality cult, the deceptive celebrity role models can apply as well as the unreachable prince of the heart.

The fall from a great height, of course, puts the two falling humans (one of them a queen with a decorated head) into legitimate panic and mortal fear; but who says the two actually have an accident? In the symbolic world of tarot cards, they might as well be caught gently by clouds, waves or soft moss! Then they have the chance to start a new life and become happier.

After all, what do you lose with your former home, the narrow gray tower on the rugged cliffs that looks like a prison?

So the map shows a salutary shock that strikes us like lightning out of the blue: the structures of the past are destroyed, old life constructs and world images collapse forever and are devoured by the purifying fire.

As a day ticket: If the tarot picture “The Tower” stands for you

Do not worry, real natural disasters are very unlikely today. But with small everyday catastrophes and surprises that bring you strong out of the usual rut. Maybe it beats in love like the flash of light, which brings a lot of chaos with it at first, maybe a job that you have been working for a long time bursts in the job. It will be definitely turbulent. And after the first shock of breaking something, you’ll see new possibilities for you. Rapunzel is finally released from her tower!

As the Love-Red: If the tarot card “The Tower” stands for your partner or your relationship

Yes, it cannot be glossed over: this card could already be your “closing card”. For too long you have narrowed each other and pushed into roles that you did not really want to take, too long rumored there already dissatisfaction and frustration; and now it’s cracking! At first, of course, it hurts like hell. But you will probably soon feel freer and happier if you go separate ways. But if you decide to build a new love castle on the rubble of your relationship, make sure you build it more generously, looser and more colorfully this time around!

The tarot card the tower carries the 16th Since the 6 means the eternal weighing, the 1 before it is not really an alternative as an act. The 7 as a cross sum of the 16 means victory and come forward, but only after you have reached your own limits. The tower is being catastrophic to many Tarot cardholders about a collapse. The deeper analogy to the tower is the earthquake, the destruction par excellence.

General meaning:

If a sitter, or in deniers, has to interpret the tower in a tarot setting, then this usually has to do with a change. And indeed, there is no stone left on the tower, as the symbolism on the Tarot card makes the tower unmistakably clear. This tarot card is about failure, which is the logical consequence of continuing on the wrong (wronged) path of life after realizing that you have mercilessly walled yourself (burnt). One only gets further when one has torn down these walls, consisting of excessive duties, false ideals, heteronomy and an overly comfortable worldview.

In any case, you can prepare for failed hopes, which are usually accompanied by lightning-like insights. The tarot card The tower does not mean the end, it is a new beginning with Karacho. The only positive thing about the tower is that it cannot get worse if you face the upheavals, from there it goes uphill.

In love:

A fortune-teller, or a fortune-teller, who, in fortune telling, is confronted with the tarot card The Tower is confronted with questions of relationship, has to convey to the questioner, depending on the position of the card, a surprise of the unpleasant kind. The interpretation ranges from surprising separation, to shocking revelations.

Sometimes The Tower also displays violent outbursts within the relationship. Ignoring the tower in relationship issues and otherwise is a dangerous business.

At work:

With the emergence of the tower in professional matters, the mapping shows once more of its most arduous side, because the tower is a harbinger of sudden termination, also of business collapse, as well as a surprising change.

People who are dealing with vehicles and travel in the professional sector are in danger of suffering an accident. The tower says that safe expectations fail, even in the context of a loan or other firm business commitments.

In everyday life:

If the card-reading advisor has to transmit the tower as a day pass, then you should stay at home that day, if you do not necessarily have to leave the house. You should take no risks that day and prefer to check everything twice. Incoming messages are always to be treated with caution, even if they seem to have a momentary positive effect.

The tower as a situation map is the actual goal to overcome the tower, because we have to face these things of course, the tower means a challenge to break old structures, rather than conveniently hold on to them.