Angel Number 49 – Meaning and Symbolism

The statement that life is an eternal and everlasting secret is completely accurate. It is true because we are broken by the many questions like – why are we live, why we are right here, why are we just the way we are, why we have hard and stressful situations but at the same time wonderful, why these people have just entered our lives, why we do what we do.

So there are many questions that we face before or after in life, all of us want to find the answers to the existential enigmas.

Also, the places where we can find the answers (the most accurate) are numbers and their powers. Numerology is the great answer, for those who believe in Angel intentions and God’s will.

Although many do not believe in the power of numbers, numerology is wisdom; we can even say science from which we cannot escape. Just like the Moon affects our mood, by giving us the tide, and can change many things in our world, same as like that number power can change the rhythm of our lives.

Angel number 49 – what does it mean?

Angel number 49 is the person who has to have the balance so that he can put his immense energy into harmony. This process requires strength, tenderness, and integrity – and these people are adorned with these characteristics.

Their inner power comes from great intuition, but only if they have the strength to believe, because they are often unsure of whether should they listen to that voice.

If they can balance their intuition they can reach a great heights in their lives – then things become more tangible, and achievements are based visibly at the physical level.

This number has many important things to say to the world, those things that will be heard and understood much further and many years after they go away from this world.

This is the person who focuses his strength to build the foundation so that he can enjoy his success. This individual has strong communication skills, and he uses them in every situation.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Angel number 49 is the numerical combination that is created from the numbers 4 and 9, and they make a great combination together.

Number 4 is the number that influences the person, making it prone to balancing and organizing his life to the smallest details. Number 4 resonates with stability, harmony, and balance, with firm foundations, and it is believed that it is the number that is very close to the perfection.

Number 9 is the number that is connected with the wisdom and energy, but also with intuition abilities.

But what is more important in this case is that number 9 is the numeral close to change in a sense that is connected with the changing cycles in a human life.

In total number 49 is the number that symbolizes strong foundations, inspiration and perfect ideas. These all characteristics can be seen in the person who is number 49 in Angel numerology.

Number 49 and Love

Angel number 49 is the person who is very lucky in love, and he can achieve this just by listening to his intuition – his inner voice will give him the proof that particular person is his right match.

And in most cases he is right, and he has no problems to show his true emotions and to receive them back in return. He is attracted to the partners that are bright, good looking and that have something very special in their eyes.

Like everything in his life, number 49 change partners or better to say love interests by changing life cycles – when he feels like that time has come to change, he has no problem to leave his partner and to move on very quickly. He doesn’t mean wrong, but he can unwillingly hurt lovers.

Interesting fact about number 49

This is the number that denotes a time of accelerated growth and offers to deal with any challenge, no matter how challenging it can be.

Sometimes Angels can choose not to do anything and rest for the entire cycle in their lives, working only on looking and accessing certain individual, and offering them help only in the next cycle.

Accordingly, the challenge becomes an accelerated course of courage in which one can learn how to challenge all the problems simultaneously. Angels offer help when that help is the most needed.

What to do when you see number 49?

Angel message 49 is the information that has come from the Angel Realm. They say: clear up with negativity and toxins, live honorably, and let your soul reach higher consciousness and engage in life even more.

Angel ensures you that you have their love and wisdom, because it takes the courage to come to life and live your dream. Dreams and visions come from God, and Angels are here to tell you that using the number 49.