Angel Number 66 – Meaning and Symbolism

Angel numerology is the science, in which each number has its meaning and vibration, and there are endless numerical combinations and sequences, each of them has its unique purpose.

It can mark the phase in which we are on our spiritual journey that should ultimately lead us to the Ultimate spirituality and wisdom, and along with that impressive journey, we can learn a lot about ourselves and others too, along with numerous other aspects in our lives that we can improve.

Repetition of particular numbers tells us that it may be time to focus on a special issue of our life – and this is the maybe most natural and easiest explanation of the angel numbers that we can find. Using this theory, you can see what Angel’s numbers are and what is their purpose and meaning.

We should also mention that each culture in the world has its interpretation of numbers, but it is our intuition that can lead us to the definitions that will serve us the best and that are more accurate. Numbers can be useful signs, so do not ignore them.

It often happens that our numbers tell us something, but we do not pay attention. Notice the numbers you repeatedly see and find out what they mean, and articles like this one can surely help you in that process.

Angel number 66 – what does it mean?

Persons who are under the influence of the number 66 are full of love, compassion for others, good in responsibilities, and they like to help other people. They are gifted, kind and attractive -they have many friends, they are usually close to their families and are always surrounded by many people.

They are excellent crying shoulder and ready to comfort people who are in some trouble; they are individuals who share amazing advice and tips, and we could also say that they understand people deeply. Humble people number 66 truly are, and their family, home, and community are very important to them. Without it, their life is not complete – it revolves around family and careful upbringing of many generations under the same roof.

It is not surprising why these people have a lot of children, even adopted children – angel number 66 consider that taking care of his close ones is his secret obligation and he always tries to make that obligation the best possible.

In this sense, we could say that angel number 66 is a very responsible person who has the endurance and strong motive to realize genuine assignment.

Regarding their bad traits, we could say that number 66 are the persons that can be quite critical of other people. These people do not mind injustice; they only bother when they are unjust towards them. Sometimes it’s hard for them to find a balance when they need help in a fight.

They love to control people, and they value their work too much, while others criticize them in a bad way. Their biggest disadvantage is that they can be bothered and they cannot control it. They do not know how to appreciate their talents and do not know how to use them to the full extent.

In job-related issues they are the people who would be great leaders, they are even talented for art, but their best quality is in the field of healing they would be excellent teachers and workers. These are all the areas in which their sophistication, charm, and innate sense of help can be well expressed, and in which they can find themselves.

Their inner motive is to cultivate, encourage, and support others. They have a strong desire to help everyone, which is for respect – as long as they keep in mind that the first persons they need to help are themselves

These all traits can come to you as a surprise because you probably have a misconception about number 66 because it is very similar to the notorious number 666. But, we will discuss these issues in the next section more thoroughly.

Secret meaning and symbolism

When we talk about number 66, you will probably think that this number is utterly connected with the notorious number 666 that has a negative connotation. Number 66 is partially negative, but we cannot say that is a horrible number, on the contrary, it has a lot of exceptional vibrations.

When we transfer it to the symbol meaning, angel number 66 has two vibrations of the numbers 6 which points to the one opposite the other, even their removal and movement in the opposite directions will lead to the fact that at the opposite end of this circle, they are combined into a single whole and form a full ring.

It is the symbol that resonates with everything in the Universe that is based on these opposites, but that everything is actually a single entity, that we are all with everything that makes us and surrounds only the constituent parts of a separate existence that we can call God, by the universe, whatever name you find appropriate.

So in some way number 66 is Gods number, but also partially Human, or some would say Devils number, and it points to the something that is good and bad at the same time; that is affirmative and destructive, light and dark, wisdom and emptiness.

What is the message here? The symbolical note here is that people have the free will to walk on one path, that is based on a healthy basis, and that can lead to the Ultimate Wisdom. And we have other, negative route, that is based on the misleading intentions, and that cannot lead anywhere, except on the route of misfortune and emptiness.

Number 66 and Love

This person instinctively knows how to make perfect romance from each relationship. In the first place, they considerably care for others, and in love, they are reliable, kind and helpful, always think first of all others than on themselves.

The inability to accept (and more importantly) respect and respect primarily themselves and then everything else is something that can create a lot of problems for them.

They often put their family in front of their love interest. It is easier for them to give in love than receive, but they always tried to respond to partners requests and, in general, they cannot distinguish where the duty ceases and where generosity begins.

They can sink into excessive care for the family, friends, and partner and at the same time, they could lack concern about their emotional needs!

Interesting Fact about number 66

This number as you could see in the previous sections is the number that points to the opposites, it can bring positive and negative changes, cause it has both energies – Gods and Devils. People who are connected in life with this number should learn to communicate and initiate changes. They have strong unconscious magnetism and creativity, and that represents the starting point for every shift.

By one another representation of the number 66, there is one parallel – where 6 is the representative of matter, 66 refers more to more spiritual perspective, prayer and it is the personification of Faith and Transformations.

Also, number 6 is number that represents the cosmic birth – father, mother, and child. God, angels, and humans. And you can see how number 3 adds to number 3 and you get the vibration of the number 6 that is again doubled.

Also, this is the number that is connected with the voices, and it is the double voice inside every human on this planet (Angel and Devil), it doubles strength and creative power – it can go both ways.

What to do when you see number 66?

Angel number 66 is the number that resonates with the power that needs to point in the right direction, and it is the number that gives strength and wisdom to make the best choice in life, and it is a message that represents Gods desires in the purest form.

The life lesson that number 66 brings to the person who saw it is that you should learn to appreciate yourself because you are an excellent expression of Divine love. And it is this love that combines responsibility and care, respect and tenderness in itself.

So, the keyword in this number is Love that can win the fight against evil, emptiness, and pain -this will mean growth of the full love and goodness.