Does Green Tea Make You Poop?

Green tea is one of the nutritious beverages, where you can get useful plant substances. Drinking some green tea on a daily basis may not only develop your metabolism and bowel system but also offer some more benefits.  In addition to it, it may hold up your process of ageing, besides preventing wrinkles.

It also lessens sugar level in your blood and controls the possibility of heart problems. It means that blood pressure may also be controlled. EGCG of the tea leaves can decrease your pain. Thus, you may remain healthy and become energetic with the reduction of the stress.

Although green tea seems to be beneficial to you, in a few of the cases, you need to be slightly careful. For many individuals, who are sensitive to stimulant or suffer from heart disorder and extreme blood pressure face trouble due to the presence of caffeine in your green tea. And, you may choose the extract of green tea because most of these extracts consist of decaffeinated tea.

Again, another thing that is experienced by green tea drinkers is the problem of poop. There is nothing to be serious in the question- Will green tea make you go to the bathroom? It does not matter whether you have jitters in the stomach or unusual amount of urination. Keep in mind that it is only a procedure of eliminating the damaging waste products from the body.

Those, who are regular green tea drinkers, often ask a very common question – Can green tea cause running poop? There are some scientific facts that are mentioned here to make all your doubts clear.

Caffeine content in tea

In fact, the particular substance, which may make you poop, is caffeine that is present mainly in coffee. The researchers have noticed that caffeine has the ability to cause an enhancement in strength and pressure in your anus.

However, in green teas, the quantity (almost 25 to 60 milligram for every cup) of caffeine is comparatively very low, while a regular coffee cup holds about 180 milligram, on the basis of how the drink has been prepared. It does not mean that caffeine, present in tea does not cause you to go to bathroom several times. However, on the other hand, there are some cases, in which you may have poop.

Since the elements of green tea have the ability to purify your gastrointestinal path and colon, a huge amount of waste matters will surely get accumulated within your body, and thus, you may want to go to your lavatory a bit more often.

While you are feeling some jitters in the stomach, you do not need to be concerned; it is only the wastes and toxins, which leave your body. And, you may have excellent feeling while the colon system remains completely cleansed. Moreover, catechins, which are anti-oxidant substances, found in your green tea, help in the best functioning of kidney and liver. Another constituent, which you may find in green tea, is EGCG, and it also makes sure of better kidneys function.

Fat burning and improvement of metabolism

It has been stated that green tea contains a huge amount of catechins, and that is why it is able to boost up the metabolism of your body. At the same time, it may also allow you to burn calorie.

The scientists have established the fact that though, who sip green tea on a regular basis may burn extra seventy to hundred calories on every day because of the antioxidants. Moreover, it is also observed that people, who drink green tea on a daily basis, can loss almost two times of the body weight, in contrast to some other people, who do not drink it.

Green tea comprises thermogenic elements and enables the users to burn their body fat. The polyphenols or catechin, available in this green tea leads to the improvement of thermogenesis and fat burning system. In other words, you may find a number of positive alterations in the overall physical condition without undergoing any hard diet chart.

Removal of toxic materials

As the amount of antioxidants in green tea is very large, it removes the damaging free radicals, present from the body. The researchers have confirmed the fact that such free radicals may lead to a number of chronic disorder to the body, such as, Alzheimers, cancer and heart issues. Again, antioxidants of your tea also possess the power to keep away from Parkinson’s disease.

In accordance with the recommendations of physicians, when you drink green tea in reasonable amount, two to four cups every day, it does not encourage bowel movement. However, while you’re completely new tea drinker or if you are in pregnant condition, you have to restrict the use of green tea to only one to two cups on a daily basis to help your body in adjusting with it.

Again, in few extreme instances, green tea may lead to an irritable condition in your bowel, only when this is consumed in considerable level.

While you have the habit to drink tea in the right amount, you do not need to be concerned on having the problems. Almost 8 cups per day may seem to be the excessive intake of tea. It has also been stated by some physicians that green tea may be called as laxative; rather, it can be referred to as diuretic, and it means that the drink leads to more amount of urination.

To adjust yourself with more frequent urination, it is essential for you to sip huge amount of water, because sometimes, more urination may bring about dehydration.

Green tea – Its effect on colon

There is another fact that is related to your question- Does green tea help you poop? Green tea develops the health of your colon. While you like to keep up the strength of your colon, the development of some Mucoid plaques within gastrointestinal area is the major issue.

With the passage of time, the layering or coating of mucus becomes solidified and lead to a range of ailments, such as, skin disorder, improper digestion and imbalanced immune system. Again, antioxidants, available in green tea, assist in flushing out toxins and mucoid plaques from your colon. Since colon is the ultimate point, where your body produces its wastes, you need to keep this well.

Problem of continuous poop? Find the true reason

When you are facing the issues of poop, it does not always happen due to the green tea. It may be caused because of white tea or some other food also. Especially, while you suffer from high fever, it possibly indicates that you have food poisoning or some infection. In this case, you may experience stomach pain. But, most probably, it is not for drinking green tea. Thus, you must discuss with a physician.

But, still, if your doctor confirms that green tea is ht major reason of this condition, you may stop drinking it for some days.

Fluoride poisoning

In only few cases, it is seen that some users have suffered from fluoride poisoning after sipping cups of low-priced, powdered or iced green tea on a daily basis. But, it may happen due to unclean water that is often used by people. Some water contains high amount of fluoride that ultimately leads to the fluoride poisoning.

You do not need to worry because fluoride poisoning due to tea is not a very common phenomenon. However, still, you have a number of concerns regarding it, you need to purchase high quality loose green tea leaves, and make use of filtered water in order to prepare it.

Can green tea lead to green poop?

While talking about the poop due to green tea consumption, many people as whether the tea can be the cause of green feces. Though the leaves of green tea have green color, you need to use only a few green leaves, and thus, it may not affect the color of the stool. While you are sipping home-made or fresh green tea, there is no possibility of observing any change in the feces’ color. But, when you are having prepackaged green tea containers, you have to verify the label of ingredient for colorings or food dyes.

In few instances, the manufacturer may apply some artificial colors to the drink to make the product visually attractive. If the dyes of food are combined with a beverage, then you may surely have green poops while enough amount of green tea is consumed.

Thus, from the overall discussion, you can now find out the answer of- Why does green tea make me poop? There is nothing to be worried too much because green tea generally does not lead to any serious health problem. Still, if you have the trouble of poop or green poop and are not feeling well, you may think of reducing the consumption. The regular drinkers of green tea will perhaps not take the condition too gravely, and thus, you may start consuming green tea without any concern. If a problem arises at any time, it is possibly temporary.