Dove, Pigeon – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Doves and pigeons are one of the most used animal symbols in the world. Power of this animal symbol is extraordinary and its magical power has crawled under our skin centuries ago.

Our ancestors worshiped and respected these birds, considering them one of the most valuable symbols in nature. Dove and pigeon art can be found on many various objects in many different cultures.

Doves and pigeons inhabit almost all parts of our planet. Because of this fact, they are wildly recognized and popular in many different cultures. It can be that their natural habitat had an influence on their popularity as symbols, but they are without a doubt birds with a very interesting use in the cultural background.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animal influences our character and they are truly a perfect representation of our personality. The power they have over our behavior has been interesting even to our ancestors.

In times when people believed that Gods were hidden inside animals, doves and pigeons were considered as very special birds. If this animal is your spirit animal, then you are a very caring person. Everything you do in life is very much influenced by your gentle character and you would never do something to harm another person.

Words that best describe doves and pigeons are:

  • love,
  • peace,
  • sacrifice,
  • grace,
  • gentleness,
  • communication

Each and every word, that describes a dove, is a perfect description of your character. Just like a dove, you are a very caring person who always watched over other people and makes sure no one gets hurt. If your spirit animal is a dove or a pigeon, then you are a very good parent and you would sacrifice everything for the well-being of your family. To you, family and friends always come first no matter what. Their peace and emotions are the most valuable to you, so you would do anything to provide them what they need.

People born under this animal totem are very graceful in life and they would never do something to hurt their reputation. How other people see them is very important, therefore any kind of humiliation or bad behavior is unacceptable. Their only goal is to be the best possible person they can be, and that is enough for them.

People born under the influence of this spirit animal are great communicators. They are able to convince you of almost anything and they can express their emotions much better than other people. Communication skills are very handy very it comes to the career as well, because they excel at jobs like PR manager, lawyer, salesperson and marketing. Anything that has something to do with people and communication, they will be more than good.

Another hidden talent they have is their ability to feel empathy. They truly and honestly care about other people, so they can be great doctors and social workers.

Doves are symbols of parenthood and motherhood. This symbolism came from the fact that doves can produce their own milk in order to feed the young. You are very likely a person who enjoys spending days-off with your family members and surrounded by children. If you already have children, you are a very kind mother or father with a high sense of protection over your young ones.

They are the most valuable and most important thing in your life. Stable family life is considered as a high success in your book, therefore you give 100% of yourself when it comes to family matters.

Doves and pigeons as spirit animals are symbols of a higher sense of self. This means you are more in touch with your inner self and with your emotions. You know yourself better than anyone else, and this helps you evaluate your actions much better than other people.

People influenced by this spirit animal are also very intelligent and can share an advice like no one else. Instead of just saying anything, people influenced by this animal totem are going to listen to your problem and share an honest advice on the matter.

Pigeons and doves are also considered messengers. They have a very strong ability to pass on wisdom and even messages from the divine realm. Their sense of intuition is much stronger than in other people, so they can get in touch with these forces much easier. Every advice you get from a person with this spirit animal is very valuable and precious.

As a negative trait, “dove and pigeon people” tend to be too soft sometimes. Their fear of losing someone or making a fool out of themselves prevents them from jumping into a crazy adventure.

Even though they are well-grounded people, they could use some adrenaline from time to time. Life is short and we will probably regret things we haven’t done and not the ones we tried.

Symbolism and Meaning

Pigeons and doves share a very similar symbolism. They have been used as symbols of peace, bliss, and happiness. Their symbolism has been so strong that their images were engraved in stones, caves, they have been described in poems and even today we have an often use of this bird symbol.

A pigeon was used as a messenger bird for centuries. In some cultures, pigeons were considered to be guardian angels that have been sent to look after us. In Christianity, pigeons carried messages of nearby death and a person who saw a pigeon appear in their homes or on a window could expect a soon death. This belief was true only for the ones who were very sick or going off to a battle.

In the Bible, a white dove is a symbol of the Divine Spirit. When Jesus Christ was being baptized by the Saint John, a white dove came down from the sky as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The same happened in many other parts of the Bible, and every important event was marked by the appearance of the white dove. Because of this, it is considered as unlucky to kill a pigeon or even hurt it in any way. This was considered sinful and pigeons were highly respected by the people who believed in Christianity.

Pigeons and doves are considered very lucky birds. They are carriers of good news and positive energy, and in some cultures there is also a belief that pigeons represent souls of the dead. In ancient Egypt, a pigeon was considered as a symbol of fertility. This popular belief remained until today, since white doves are usually released in wedding ceremonies to ensure that the couple has a happy marriage and a lot of children.

If a white dove “visits” your ceremony, this is considered as a very positive sign for the couple. But, when a white dove lands on your kitchen table, this means someone from your family could die.

Bird symbolism is very rich and many cultures around the globe have their own interpretation of this symbolism. When several pigeons land on your roof, they are announcing bad weather and rain. Dead pigeon represents illness or death of someone close to you. But, if a pigeon “hits” you from the sky with its poop, this means you are about to receive a generous amount of money.

Pigeons are also going to stay away from the bad energy and negativity. This is an old belief that is still popular and widely spread in many cultures. When pigeons build a nest under your roof, this means your home is protected by the divine energy and you can sleep peacefully. A dead pigeon on the road was considered as a bad sign for all of the ones who were traveling somewhere. When they would see a dead pigeon, they would avoid it or remove it from the road.

In popular culture, a dove is a symbol of peace and love. A white dove with an olive branch in its beak is a universal symbol of peace and it is often used for that purpose in many countries around the world.

Dreams about doves

When a dove appears in your dream, this means you need to be kinder to the people you love. This bird symbolizes love, peace and kindness. When you see it appear in your dream, it means you have become too strict and hard to everyone around you.

When you see a dead dove in your dream, this means you need to be careful because problems are coming your way. Something bad could happen to you in the upcoming period and you need to be prepared for everything. When you see a flying dove in your dream, this means you have been blessed and good things are about to start happening to you.


Pigeons and doves remain to be one of the most important symbols in the animal world.

They are universal symbols of peace, love, motherhood and caring. Every person born under this animal totem or protected by it is a kind and loving person, and a true gem to have in your life.

Pigeons and doves are important religious symbols and the importance they had in religion influenced the position they have in popular culture. Either way, pigeons and doves secured their position as one of the well-known symbols of kindness and everything good in the world.