Dreams About Bridges – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams represent desires and hopes that people are dreaming of while being awake, and sometimes they are stories that express unconscious experiences and reflect things that are important to a dreamer.

In order to understand your dreams, their meaning and messages, you must answer on some questions first – who are you, what do you need, and in what do you believe.

In this text, we will pay attention on dreams about bridges. Bridge is often considered as a thing that connects two separated sides. It represents stability and progress. These dreams can represent connection of people, things and places.

It is very important for you to remember what bridge was connecting in a dream, and what was on the other side. Maybe it represents past and the future that are standing on the oposite sides of the bridge, where the future is on the side that you are looking at.

Also, it is important what was under the bridge, whether there was a plot or water, train station. For example, if under the bridge was water, it probably symbolizes your emotions, while train station symbolizes some possibilities or chances.

Dreams about bridges are symbol of overcoming difficulties that you can overcome with persistance and proper thinking, but depending on the details, they can also predict separation from some intentions or life principles. These dreams can also predict a new start, voyage or transition.

According to most common interpretations, if you dream about bridges, that can represent progress on your bussines plans, but sometimes that can predict some loss.

Dreams About Bridges – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about seeing a bridge. If  you saw a bridge in your dream, it can be symbol of hope, promises and commitments. Bridges have something to do with your relationship with other people, whether you start something with them, or you are ending those relastionships.

According to this, if you dreamed about the bridge and there was a beautiful sunny day, it can mean that you enjoy being with some people because their presence corresponds you. If you dreamed about going from someone accross that bridge, it means that some of your relationships are comming to an end. Negative thing about seeing a bridge in your dream is that it can represent arguments that you might have with someone, mostly with your partner.

Dreaming about going across the bridge. This dream means that you will need to make a very important decission soon. You will need to decide what is the best thing for you to do, what are real values in life, and for which one of them is worth to fight for. If you walk confidently, that means that you are very certain about whether your decission is right or wrong.

But if you are walking slowly that has opposite meaning. Positive thing about this dream is that it means that you will get rid of everything that was bothering you, and you will solve your problems. You’ll face your fears, and your friends will help you with it.

Dreaming about not being able to cross over the bridge. If you dreamed about this and in your dream you had a fear to cross over, or the bridge in your dream was going to fall, you should take that as a warning and you should think twice before making any decission.

The reason why you should slow down a little bit is beacuse you will need to find the safest way to fulfill your goals.

Dreaming about standing on the bridge. It means that you can’t go forward, and you can’t make any progress. Some interpreters say that it represents your hesitation, or that you are avoiding something. That can be caused by the fact that you are having a fear of something.

For example, fear of not knowing what is ahead of you, or below you. Because all of this, you might have a feeling of hopelesness. If in your dream you stood on the bridge after you crossed over it, it can indicate that you went through some difficulties and big changes in your life.

Dreaming about falling off the bridge. The most common meaning for this dream is that you have a fear of failure that your plans are not going to come true. Your emotions are blocking you from progress. If you argued with some people recently, you need to settle any differences with them.

Dreaming about small or a big bridge. Small bridge in your dream can represent some problems that you will maybe face with in the future, and a big bridge means that it is time for you to make some big changes in your life.

If you crossed over a big bridge easily, it means that you will make a great success with little effort. All of your problems will be solved, and you will live in peace.

Dreaming about more than one bridge. This dream is all about you being stubborn, and about your need to be more reliant. But also, it can be related to some favorable opportunities that can happen soon.

Dreaming about building a bridge. In case that you dreamed about this, you should be prepared for difficulties that will appear in the future. This is because you are doing too much for some people, or you took too much responsibilities.

You should take this as a wake up call, and take care of yourself a little bit more.

Also, this dream symbolizes difference between the human conscious and unconscious.

Dreaming about fallen down bridge. Destroyed bridges are always a bad sign. If in your dream bridge under your feet fell down, there is a possibility that someone from the past is coming back, and that he or she will use you somehow. That person will play with your emotions.

Other interpretation is that you had a big chance for progress, but you didn’t used it because you didn’t pay attention. But, if you believe in yourself, that will never happen again.