Dreams About Cows – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams had always been something mysterious and unexplainable.  A lot of researches  has been conducted, but none of them was able to explain it. But,  researchers  found out some interesting things about dreams.  It was discovered that the animals are dreaming just like people.

Another interesting thing is that blind people are also dreaming. People who loss their sight are dreaming images, and people who are blind since birth have dreams based on fragrances and sounds.  We are not able to snoore and have dreams in the same time.

Average person forgets about 90 % of the dream they had. Amount of dreams per night is between  4 and 7. The most interesting thing about dreams is that some people can predict things in their sleep. It is recorded that that Abraham Lincoln has dreamed about his assassination. Also, some victims dreamed about teroristic attack which happened  on 11th september. There’s no scientific explanation for this.

In this text, we will try to explain the meaning of a dream about cows. This type of dream is one of the least dreamed things, but it isn’t so unusual. Cows are very important animals, because it provides milk, cheese,  other dairy products, leather, and many more.

For example, cows in India are sacred animals and they value them a lot. If in your dream you dreamed about cows, it represents your obedience and subordination to others. Some interpreters connect dreams about cows with desire for maternity.

However, there are a lot of interpretations about this dream, and it all depends on the details of a dream.  It can have both positive and negative symbolism.

Dreams About Cows – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about seeing a cow. This type of a dream has a positive meaning. If in your dream you saw a cow, it is a sign that all of your hard work will finally pay off, and you will achieve your  goals in the future.

Also, it is important for you to remember the color of a cow that you saw. If that cow was yellow, it means that you will be lucky. Black cow indicates that you might have some difficulties and problems on your way to success, but you will be able to overcome obstacles. Cow with a white spots means that you will have success in everything that you start.

Dreaming about a cow with horns. Cow with horns has negative connotation. Horns are a symbol of a bad things that will happen to you, so you should be very careful. It is a sign that you will be in an unpleasant situation, which you will not be able to solve on a proper way.

Some things will be out of your control, even if you tried so hard to control them. It is possible for you to be in some kind of conflict with someone, or what’s even more possible, you will argue with someone who is very important to you.

Dreaming about a calm cow. If you had this type of dream, it means that you are in need to subordinate to other people’s will. Usually, it is someone who you don’t like, but for some reason you need to be kind to him/her. Maybe it is your boss, or some important colleague.

This dream can be related to your wish to say what’s on your mind to those people, but somehow you are affraid of it, because you could lose your job or position in a firm where you are working into.

Dreaming about fat cow. This dream symbolizes very good year that’s ahead of you. Some of your family members will become independent, and they will live the way you once imagined for them to.

You will use that to pay more attention on yourself and spend time on the things that you always wanted to, but you could never do because you didn’t had time for it. Now you can live exactly how you desired.

Dreaming about skinny cow. Skinny cow in a dream represents bad things that will happen to you in the future. It is possible for you to have some financial losses, because you will invest your money in business which isn’t profitable.

You should be very careful, and try to listen people who wants to help you to invest it on a proper way. Don’t be so proud, and be realistic in order to be successful.

Dreaming about a cow that is giving birth. Dreams like this have positive connotation. It can be related to your desire to be a parent, and if you  already becomed it, it means that you are enjoying in your parental role.

Also, you can expect a lot of happiness and success in the future. If you had problems lately, don’t worry, that period is over. You will be able to achieve everything that you wanted for a long time, and you will be very proud and satisfied with yourself. Your effort will pay off.

Dreaming about milking a cow. If you dreamed about this, it means that you will inherit somebody. It is very possible that some member of your close familiy will leave you all of his/hers belongings. You will be very grateful and honored, but at the same time, you will have a great responsibility. You will have to make a great effort in order to save what you inherited from that person.

Some interpreters connect this type of dream with your health condition. If you are feeling sick lately, this dream can be a sign that you will get well soon.

Dreaming about being chased by a cow. This type of dream indicates that in reality you have a fear of something. Maybe you are affraid of some people who are representing themselves like friends to you, but somehow you feel like that isn’t true.

Always be careful who you trust, and with who you are spending your time and sharing your secrets, because some of those people might betray you.

Dreaming about a herd of cows. This dream symbolizes your feeling of loneliness. Somehow, you always feel like you don’t belong anywhere, and because of that, you can’t open up to anyone. You are in need to belong someone, and you want peoples attention and affection.

Dreaming about cows feces. Even though this dream can be unpleasent, cows feces represents some financial gains that you can expect in the future. Maybe you will inherit something from a family member, or you will earn some extra money from your business.

Dreaming about dead cow. It can be a sign that you will be dissapointed, or you will lose something or someone who is very important to you. You need to prepare yourself because you will have a bad period, and nothing will be how you wanted to. You will be inable to achieve what you planned.