How Long Do Strawberries Last?

The strawberry is considered to be the best fruit and also popular fruit among all the berry fruits in the world. The strawberry is also considered as fragaria scientifically and there are about 10 different species belonging to fragaria that differ in their size shape and texture.

The best part here is that they all possess same characteristics like all are heart shaped ones and they also possess a green and leafy cap. It would be amazing for you to know the fact that the strawberries doesn’t belong to the fruit family as their seeds are present outside and they are not present inside the fruit. This type of strawberry plants are different in the way that it is not produced by the seeds and these types of plants are called runners and they actually belong to rose family.

A Little History about Strawberry

The history of the strawberries is significantly long and they are preferred and enjoyed since the roman times. Strawberries have more number of natives and varying in their structure depending upon the native area and there are also wide variety of strawberries available in today’s market because of the cross breeding techniques. In 1714, a French engineer found that the strawberries belonging to places other than Europe was significantly larger and he planned to bring that plant and cultivate it in Europe and finally he executed his plan and cultivated the plant in Europe and as a result of that there came the popularly existing modern hybrid strawberry that is used by people all over the world in present day.

Similar to many other fruits strawberries are considered to be one among the most luxurious fruits that is enjoyed and cherished only by the royal people.

Nutrition and Strawberry

Strawberry is considered as one of the luxurious fruits but actually, it owns a large number of nutritional benefits. Strawberries are known as an excellent source for wide range of vitamins like vitamin c and vitamin k. They also have a rich content of potassium, manganese, fiber as well as folic acid. It also has a rich content of flavanoids which makes the strawberry look dark and bright red.

They are also very much helpful in medical treatments including treating teeth whitening; giving treatment for skin irritation and also it is helpful in providing treatment for digestive problems. They can also be used for regulating blood sugar level as it contains a good quantity of fiber and fructose. It regulates the blood pressure by slowing down the process of digestion. It would be great for you to know that even the leaves of strawberries can be used for a good purpose. They can be either cooked or eaten raw. In some cases, the strawberry leaves can be even used for making tea.

Anthocyanidin present in the strawberries are responsible for the vibrant red color that is seen in the strawberries. This anthocyanidin is a rich source of powerful anti oxidants which helps in providing protection against the inflammation in body parts, treating cancer and also for treating any other heart diseases.

Actually, a hundred gram serving of strawberries contains about 32 calories, 0.3 grams of fat, 7.7 carbohydrate and also 2 grams of fiber.

How to Choose the Best Strawberries?

While choosing the berries you have to be cautious to choose the ones which are firm and plump. You should also note whether it contains any mould or not. You can also choose those berries which are of vibrant, bright color and which owns a shining red color and which possess a bright green colored cap attached to it. Once after it is picked from the plant they don’t ripen after that.

So, it is safe to avoid the berries that have yellow or green patches and also which look dull. To have a better serving, you can wash and handle them with extra care and you can bring them to the normal room temperature before serving them.

It would be scaring and surprising for you to know that the strawberries are one among the allergic fruits. So, if you have allergy towards birch pollen then it is significantly possible for you to be allergic towards strawberries too.

How Long Do Strawberries Last?

The entire life of strawberries can be determined by calculating the date when they have picked those strawberries as there is no date of selling. These strawberries one among the most delicious fruits that are best sold in spring and summer seasons. Strawberries are extra delicious because of their fresh and awesome taste and also because of its ease of preparation. They can be used in hundreds of different kinds of recipes. It can also be eaten right away just after rinsing them and it leaves minimal waste.

When the strawberries are stored properly and safely it can last for a prolonged period of time than its regular time. The fresh and whole strawberries can last for about one to two days when it is kept in normal temperature and it can last for about five to seven days when kept in refrigerator and if it is placed in freezer, it can last for up to six to eight months. Whereas fresh cut strawberries can last for about a day when kept in normal temperature and one to three days when placed in refrigerator and can last for three to four months when kept in freezer