Mice, Mouse – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Animal symbolism is not only full of interesting information about the animals themselves, there is also a much deeper meaning to it. Our ancestors and cultures that used to worship animals and believed in their powers.

Animals used to be represented as deities and people looked up to them in every sense of the way. Being as fast as the fastest animal or as clever as the smartest one of all was the ultimate goal in life. People prayed to animals and asked for their help and guidance in moments of ultimate hardship.

Mice are small animals that inhabit almost all parts of our planet. There are several different species of mice but almost all of them shared the same symbolism. They are a proof that no matter how small the animal is this doesn’t matter because its strength lies within.

Mice maintained a rocky connection with people but in recent years they have even become our pets and companions. In the past mice have been seen as negative symbols and somehow they have always been a part of our lives. Mice might have been seen as pests for hundreds of years but their existence is still valuable and important.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems are our guiding signs that help us overcome our inside issues and become more in touch with ourselves. Totem animal is determined by your birth date and every person has its own totem animal. Totem animals give a basic idea about your character and personality.

We can understand our personalities more and the way we can use our positive sides and control our negative ones. Spirit animal is also your guiding force and it can be seen as your motivation in life and an explanation of how you accept life in general.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, mice or mouse is best described by these words:

  • Resourcefulness
  • Modesty
  • Determination
  • Innocence
  • Adaptation
  • Groundedness
  • Shyness

People guided by the mouse spirit animal are very modest people with very simple desires in life. These people love enjoying the simple things in life without desiring large and grandiose things. Their only desire is to have a healthy life and their friends and family members together with them. Their goal is to have enough money to live a pleasant life without dreaming about expensive things and diamonds. This is something they are extremely proud of and what actually makes them more prone to making a big success in life. They are simply not pressured in any way by others to make a significant difference in life so they easily make a large success without a lot of trouble.

Mouse spirit animal is also a symbol of adaptation. You are someone who can easily adapt to almost any situation that gets thrown in their way. They are simple people who know what is important in life and they never rush to make a decision no matter what the problem is. They always carefully analyze the situation and then act on it. They never do something before thinking carefully about it, and that is the entire philosophy behind their success. While other people fear change and are afraid that bad things might happen to them after change enters their lives, people guided by the mouse spirit animal are prepared for anything that is coming.

People guided by the mouse spirit animal are also determined and conservative. They know exactly what they want in life and have a pretty good idea how to make this happen. They know what they don’t want to have in life so it is easier to focus only on important things. Once they set their mind up to something it is hard to convince them otherwise. Mice people are very hard working and they enjoy spending time on detailed tasks and tasks that ask for a lot of focus. This is why they are perfect for careers in economy and every other career which requires a lot of focus and attention.

Besides being determined, mice people are also conservative. They are people who don’t like breaking the rules and stepping outside the box. This is simply something they are not comfortable with so they never do something unexpectedly.


As a totem animal, mouse or mice are seen as determined, hard-working, simple and often shy. People born under this totem love being focused on their work and tasks that are a part of their routine. This might seem boring to other people but they are simply more practical and they don’t like spending their time daydreaming. Instead, their focus is on the things that can be done today without any wait.

This totem is also a symbol of determination and simple life. This is not something to be underestimated because leading a simple life is more than one person needs. Instead of having turbulent lives where people don’t even know where they are going, people born under the mouse totem are very aware of their future and they know what they want to do in life.

People born under the mice totem are also often shy. Their closed behavior is something that can be problematic, especially if it turns into something far more serious. They can get too closed up in their own mind, that they completely ignore everything else that is going around them. Their shyness often prevents them from achieving big success in life or making it big in a certain career.

Symbolism and Meaning

These small animals can be found in almost all parts of the world and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them. Even though we haven’t had a very positive relationship always, they are still important parts of our lives. Mice are small mammals that can be found in almost every corner of the globe. Their ability to survive almost all difficult living conditions and their adaptability is amazing, and we can learn so much from their behavior.

Mice are known for their ability to persevere but besides that they are very intelligent and can benefit us in many ways. Relationship between mice and humans has been rocky from the start, but in the last few years it has significantly improve. Mice are today mostly used as lab animals and testing various new drugs on mice has been a regular practice for several decades now.

Mice are well-known symbols of modesty, shyness and adaptation. Symbolism of a mouse changed over the years and it varied from something completely negative to something almost positive. In China, mouse is considered to be a symbol of intelligence and vitality. People in China have a saying that uses mice and rats as symbols of intelligence and some other human characteristics. They say that a person is as changeable as a mouse, which means a person can easily adapt to almost any situation.

In Native American culture, mice have been seen as symbols of greatness. They believed that even though mouse is a small animal, its ability to adapt and survive almost anything is a sign of greatness. To the Blackfoot tribe, a mouse was a symbol of human savior or helper. They believed that mice were our secret helpers that appeared out of nowhere when we needed help.

In middle Ages, mice were considered to be pests and carriers of disease. In times when the Black Death ruled, mice were the main carriers of this scary disease. They were also linked to witchcraft and many believed that witches used mouse body parts for their deadly potions.

In popular culture, mice have been helping people more than doing them harm. Mice are regularly used as lab animals, and many new medications and drugs are being tested on them. This way they are helping people and the human race in general to find the cure for various diseases. Besides that, mice are also used in other experiments that figure out different ways the animal brains function.

Mouse is still la very popular symbol and one beloved character that is represented by a mouse is the Mickey Mouse. This character was created by Walt Disney and from the very start it was created it became an instant success. Relationship between humans and mice is significantly changing and we have become much more attached to them, so we now even hold them as pets.

Dreams about Mice, Mouse

Seeing mice, mouse – If you saw a mouse in your dream, this means you are about to be a victim of bad luck. Something you have been planning to do is going to turn out bad and you will lose much more than you will gain. If you saw mice, so several mice, in your dream this means you need to be extremely careful in the upcoming period. You will encounter a lot more problems in every area of your life, so make sure you are prepared for it.

Dream about a mouse (for a woman) – When women dream about a mouse, this means you are going to become a victim of someone who is going to enter your life very soon. This person is going to trick you into doing something potentially harmful for you.

Catching a mouse – If you tried to catch a mouse in your dream, then you need to be careful in the period that is ahead of you. This dream is especially negative sign for finances, and you need to stop working on anything that might cause you to lose a lot of money. This is simply not a good period for investments and you need to wait for a better period to come. If you caught a mouse in your dream, this means you are going to have a good period in your life and you can expect a lot of positive things to happen to you. This is also a good period to invest money and start doing something new and exciting.


Mice are small animals that inhabit almost all parts of our planet. There are several different species of mice but almost all of them shared the same symbolism. They are a proof that no matter how small the animal is this doesn’t matter because its strength lies within. Mice maintained a rocky connection with people but in recent years they have even become our pets and companions.

Their symbolism is definitely changed and people are much more connected to these small furry animals. Their help to us has been vital and we owe them a lot. Mouse, no matter how small it is, it symbolizes modesty, determination, hard work and adaptation. Everyone guided by this spirit animal or totem is bound to become a well-grounded person with a lot to offer to the world. People around them are happy to have them in their lives as friends or partner. They are a true example how size truly doesn’t prevent you from becoming successful.